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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Sabretooth

A postmortem analysis on Wolverine's most hated foe

Wolverine's the best he is at what he does and he'll be back in movie theaters on Friday, May 1 in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"! Here on Marvel.com, we're celebrating the Canucklehead's return to the silver screen all month long with COMPLETE Wolverine stories in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, ever-present updates on the upcoming movie with all the latest photos, videos and more! So sharpen your claws and dig in, True Believers, Marvel.com's the place to be!
By Tim Stevens Victor Creed, better known as the mercenary Sabretooth, was recently slain by means of beheading. However, given Creed's

mutant healing factor, it was decided that it was better to be safe than sorry and this psychological workup was created with that in mind. It should be noted that this writer has never encountered the subject personally and has assembled this report from a mix of psychiatric notes from others, news articles, eye witness testimony, crime reports, and recently declassified information. Therefore, the report should be taken merely as a guideline, not as a definitive perspective on Victor Creed.
Creed was a self-identified mutant of above average height and physical fitness. While no doubt aided by his mutant abilities, he demonstrated extensive physical abilities as well as a talent for tracking and military-like engagements that seem to be born of, at least in part, natural talents. Creed also underwent surgical enhancements via the Weapon X program and, as such, was probably stronger and faster than he would have been had he been left to his own devices. His life was marked by almost constant conflict. It appears to have begun during his childhood, when he suffered abuse at the hands of a family member who believed him to be evil due to the outward signs of his mutant ability. However, this, along with any other information provided by Creed himself or provided by someone who claims that the subject disclosed it to them, must be taken with a grain of salt. Like several other Weapon X participants, the subject's memories were extensively tampered with and it is impossible to discern what is real, what is implanted, and what Creed might have made up on the fly. That said, his more recent history of interpersonal aggression is well documented and lends credence to the above disclosure. The subject clearly sought out conflict for

most of his life and felt little, or any, remorse for his actions. This interpretation runs counter to that of the mutant rights spokesperson Professor Charles Xavier, but the writer feels that Xavier's interpretation was incorrect. While the subject might have retained the memory of every person he ever killed, he did not behave in a manner that suggests any feelings towards these individuals. Thus, it is the belief of this writer that those memories were not evidence of a conscience but rather trophies of-in Creed's opinion-a job well done. For this reason, this writer can see no reason not to diagnosis the subject as having had Antisocial Personality Disorder. Additionally, he would no doubt have scored very high on the Psychopathy Checklist- Revised (PCL-R), indicating he would have been accurately labeled a psychopath. This is evidenced by his inability to "stick to the rules" even in inherently violent enterprises like covert military operations. He was reckless and demonstrated a constant need to seek higher, more violent stimulus. This is best seen in his interactions with Wolverine, the member of the mutants' rights advocacy group the X-Men. Each encounter between the two was increasingly gruesome and Creed seemed to delight in that fact. It is the opinion of the writer that if Creed is ever to return, no attempts to rehabilitate him outside of correctional facility be engaged. The only possibility in this area is to place him in an environment with strict rules and consequences to, in essence, grow him a conscience. However, even this seems

to be unlikely at best. While it is not usual to accept the death of someone as being for the best, the writer believes it applies here. The world is a far safer place without this individual in it. For further evidence of Victor Creed's behavior, the writer encourages you to check out the documentary "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which can be seen in theatres this Friday, May 1. Tim Stevens is a Mental Health Supervisor currently pursuing his Psy D who has experience with individuals with personality disorders.
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