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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Assistant Editor's Month

Read five assistant-made classics in honor of Assistant Editor's Month and vote for the best new story

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool.

It's that time of year where the assistant editors break free from their shackles and take control of the comics! Before we get to this week's Unlimited Highlights, we have a quick message from the current crop of Marvel assistant editors, along with a poll. Their futures are in your hands!

Greetings, True Believers!

As you probably know, we here in the Marvel Bullpen have resurrected the time-honored tradition known as Assistant Editors' Month! Yes, that time when all the big-shots pretend their quivering, lemur-like assistants are really valued team members. This year, the celebration took the form of the MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR issues 1 and 2 (both still on-sale! Buy your copies today!). The peerless indentured serv- ...er, assistants faced front, fearlessly fighting for the funkiest funny-books they felt were feasible. Now it's your turn!

The six assistant editors poured their hearts onto the pages, giving you the kind of comics they were convinced the world needed. Now, you, the lovely reader, have the power to make their dreams come true! Six stories enter... but only one can continue! In this exclusive Marvel.com poll, you get to wield the power of Joe Quesada himself, and decide which comic will continue on past its assistant-sized beginnings!

The contenders:

"Slum City Warriors" featuring D-Man

By Brian Batchett & Xurxo G. Penalta

Edited by Alejandro Arbona

"Just a Little Old Fashioned Justice" featuring American Eagle

By Jason Aaron & Richard Isanove

Edited by Lauren Sankovich

"Hawkeye and the Curse of the Crimson Crown" featuring Mini Marvels Hawkeye

By Chris Giarrusso

Edited by Nathan Cosby

"Citizen Cage" featuring Luke Cage

By Wyatt Cenac & Todd Nauck

Edited by Tom Brennan

"Galacta (or 'The World Eater's Daughter')" featuring Galacta, Daughter of Galactus

By Adam Warren & Hector Sevilla Lujan

Edited by Jordan D. White

"Daddy's Little Girl" featuring Elsa Bloodstone

By Chris Yost & Joh James

Edited by Daniel Ketchum

Don't forget to pick up the MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR #2, in stores tomorrow! Remember, your opinion in the above poll counts! The story with the most votes will continue on, so be sure to choose wisely!

Want more assistant-tastic tales? Catch up on five assistant-edited classics below right now!

by Nesa Nourmohammadi

#262 (1961)

FANTASTIC FOUR #262 (1961)

What can one do to cure writer's block? Take part in his own creation, of course! Writer and artist John Byrne goes on the adventure of a lifetime when the Watcher takes him to meet and document the heroes he thought only existed as fiction. An inventive piece of satire, this issue looks at the highs and lows creative forces like Byrne and editor Michael Higgins endure in bringing the heroes and villains we know and love to life.



The best thing to come from Canada since Wolverine, the team known as Alpha Flight defend their homeland from the unwanted, most notably the monsters known as the Great Beasts. In this story, Alpha Flight member Snowbird finds herself in the center of a blizzard up against Kolomaq, the Great Beast of the Snows. Blinded by a blanket of white, Snowbird needs to rely upon her wits and know-how to make it back to her teammates alive. Your teeth will chatter from the wintry mix of terror, suspense and excitement from the creative mind of John Byrne.

#11 (1983)

NEW MUTANTS #11 (1983)

Swashbuckling swordfights, women warriors in skimpy outfits and wolf monsters made of rock-sounds more like an episode of "Xena: Warrior Princess" rather than an issue of New Mutants, right? Regardless, the formula works superbly. The Muties embark upon the holiday from hell in Nova Roma, a secret republic that doubles as Magma's homeland. While there, they find danger at every corner, though also find time for heartwarming moments like a reunion between Sunspot and his mother, making this gem from Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema, well-worth reading.

THOR #339

THOR #339 (1966)

When you go into battle against the baddest folks the Marvel Universe has to offer, who better to fight at your side than Beta Ray Bill? As Thor prepares to face the hordes of Hel, his erstwhile ally finally earns a mystic hammer of his own, Stormbreaker, from the All-Father Odin, making him as unto a thunder god in his own right! The creative work of Walt Simonson makes for a must-read, if only to see a hard-working hero earn his keep.

X-MEN #117


Suspecting the X-Men have died-don't worry kids, we'd never do such a thing-Professor Xavier and Jean Grey fall under deep depression in this somber tale from creative power duo John Byrne and Chris Claremont. While mourning his loss, Xavier reflects upon his life before the X-Men, and reveals how he discovered his true purpose, giving readers a rare, intimate look at the mutant mentor.

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I would love to see a mega-villain showdown between all the greatest threats the Marvel Comics Mega-Multiverse has to offer, Carnage Loki RedSkull Supreme and Green Goblin destroyers of Reality, Thanos and Thane Emperors of Titan, Beyonder Void and Korvac Forces of Chaos, Shadow King Cassandra Nova Onslaught and Dark Phoenix Force Xavier's Fears, Molecule Man and Absorbing Man Super Powerhouses, Siskoid Kang HighEvolutionary MODOOK/MPC, Celestials/Eternals Living Tribunal, Galactians of planet Taa and the heralds, Dormammu and Mephisto lordsbastion of the hell dimensions, Annihilation Wave and the age of Ultron, Genesis & Apocalypse mutants supreme, MasterMold Sentinel X Omega SentinelSuperAdaptoid-Sentinals(days of future past) NimRod Bastion and the likes in a last evil standing owns the universe