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Worst Day Ever

Wolverine: Worst Day Ever (Final Entry)

Eric has the last word in his final blog entry

Worst Day

Hey, kids! Eric Mattias' name may not be on Magneto's radar but as a student enrolled at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, he observes the fabled institution from a unique set of eyes. While other mutants are off saving the day or training to make X-Man, Eric ostracizes himself from his peers for his insecurity over his uncool power. He spends his time on the computer, reflecting about the world around him, while trying to cope with having "the world's suckiest mutant power." You want to know what his power is, don't you? Well, in order to get all the details, you'll have to pick up Eric's book "Wolverine: Worst Day Ever" (written by his real world counterpart, Barry Lyga and in stores now)! Luckily, we've gotten hold of Eric's journal! We'll post two entries per week sure to shed insight into the life and world of Eric Mattias—look for them on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Marvel.com. The sooner we understand how mutants socially interact, the sooner our societies can peacefully coexist.
Wolverine: Worst Day Ever On-Sale Now This entry posted on April 24 at 10:13 pm by Eric My name is Eric Mattias and I'm ticked off! I'm a student at Xavier's School, and I've been writing a blog (which I'm totally not supposed to be doing - shhhh!), and one day I go online and what do I see? Marvel.com has been putting some of my blogs on their web site! And now I see that Marvel combined my blogs into a BOOK, titled WOLVERINE: WORST DAY EVER, and it's on sale right now in comic book stores and bookstores everywhere. But the WORST thing is that they didn't even put my NAME on the book! They said it's written by some guy named Barry Lyga, who I have NEVER heard of. I looked him up on the Internet and he's some kind of writer. So I want to know: Why doesn't he just write his OWN book? Now everybody's gonna be out there reading my... Hmm. Wait a second. This might not be so bad after all! People will be out there reading what I wrote, right? That's pretty cool. I'll be able to walk into bookstores and comic book stores and there will be something that I wrote sitting there on the shelf! It's not my name on the cover, but my name is IN the book, so everyone will still know it's my writing and that this Lyga guy had nothing to do with it. And I bet a certain mutant girl will think it's way cool that I had a book published. This might work out pretty well for me! So forget all that stuff I said before! You need to go buy my book! Buy two copies, just in case you wear one out and need to read another one! No, wait -- buy THREE copies! One to read, one to keep in the shrinkwrap, and one to put in the bathroom for those times when you need some reading material, you know? No, wait! FOUR copies! One to read, one to keep in the shrinkwrap, one for the bathroom, and one to keep in the car for long trips! And what will you get in return for buying this most awesome of awesome books? Why, you'll learn more about me (and I know you've been dying for that!) and you'll learn about other important things, like: * The super-secret origin of Nowhere Boy! * Why it's best to avoid Colossus...but especially in the bathroom * The secret beverage no one (except me!) knows Wolverine drinks * How to sneak into the Danger Room! * What it's like to be a student at Xavier's School for Young Freaks (er, Gifted Students) * And most important of all: what happened on Wolverine's Worst. Day. Ever. Oh, and when you buy the book? Do me a favor - cross out "BARRY LYGA" and write "ERIC MATTIAS" in nice big letters!
Read Eric's Seventh Blog Entry Here! Read Eric's Sixth Blog Entry Here! Read Eric's Fifth Blog Entry Here! Read Eric's Fourth Blog Entry Here! Read Eric's Third Blog Entry Here! Read Eric's Second Blog Entry Here! Read Eric's First Blog Entry Here! Don't forget to get yourself a copy of "Wolverine: Worst Day Ever," in stores now! Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolution Season 1icon now on iTunes!
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