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Agents of Atlas: Under the Sea

Writer Jeff Parker reveals whether it will be better where it is wetter for Jimmy Woo and his team

Preview art by
Gabriel Hardman

By Tim Stevens June means beach weather, so Namora-with the help of writer Jeff Parker and artist Gabriel Hardman-leads her teammates to the water on June 3 in AGENTS OF ATLAS #6. Unfortunately, there will be no time for lounging when they get there. "[The Agents] got from Bob's peek into Norman Osborn's mind that somehow he is connected to Namor," divulges Parker. "They hope to exploit that, or at least find out more on Namor's end." The journey underwater places Namora at the forefront of the mission, naturally. "Even though Jimmy is always the leader, they tend to shift the influence among themselves depending on what kind of situation they're in and since they're going undersea, Namora gets to run the show a bit," the writer explains. However, this brush with leadership proves to be no great success for the Atlantean. Instead, it drags her internal struggle into the light of day. "She is torn between the two worlds that spawned her, pretty much," Parker reveals. "She has undying loyalty to Jimmy Woo and the team-especially the robot- for coming

Preview art by
Gabriel Hardman

back to find her after years in suspension. But she also is very much an Atlantean and as her people try to put their society back together, she knows that they need her." Her feelings towards her cousin Namor's alliance with Osborn further complicate the mission. "She's confused and very unhappy about it," the writer offers. Namor, for his part, does not seem to be particularly thrilled with the unannounced visit either. "[He's] about as happy as he ever is to see people from the surface coming down into his realm," Parker admits. "But having Namora with you is like having One Free Get Out of a Beating card-at least for the moment." That moment might prove very short-lived when the team confronts the Crowned Head of Atlantis about his dealings with Osborn while Namora remains stuck in between.

Preview art by
Gabriel Hardman

Which side she will ultimately choose remains up in the air. On the one hand stand her teammates and, on the other, as the writer puts it, "a chance for happiness." Find out how Namor treats guests that overstay their welcome on June 3 when Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman's AGENTS OF ATLAS #6 fins its way into stores. And read the original AGENTS OF ATLAS limited series on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes!

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