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Tuesday Q&A

Tuesday Q&A: Daniel Way

We dive into DEADPOOL, talking about the Merc With a Mouth's first year in his new ongoing title, and discuss upcoming events

By Kevin Mahadeo

In this week's DEADPOOL #10, Wade Wilson hits a Bullseye-in the most literal and painful way possible.

Slicing its way into stores tomorrow, May 6, the latest issue of the series written by Daniel Way's kicks off a three-part storyline pitting Deadpool against the keen-eyed assassin Bullseye, who's currently masquerading as the Dark Avengers' Hawkeye. As these two violence-loving crazies go blade-to-blade and arrow-to-bullet, expect one heck of a bloody and badass battle.

Way continues his violent streak this June with the rebranding of the WOLVERINE ongoing series as DARK WOLVERINE, and a shift in focus to Daken, Logan's son and another member of the Dark Avengers

We got Way to took a break from his dealings in death to tease his titles, clear up the status of WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, and hint at the Merc with a Mouth's upcoming adventure as a... pirate?


cover by
Jason Pearson

Marvel.com: You've been writing DEADPOOL for close to a year now. How do you get into the mindset to write such an eccentric and erratic character?

Daniel Way:
Can I get away with saying I do a lot of insane drugs? [Laughs] Then again, I doubt I could construct a lot of those stories while on drugs. There is a definite shape to these stories. Even the completely ridiculous elements are there for a reason and tie in thematically, if not mechanically. But the way I approach Deadpool stories is that you have to [take] a deep breathe and let it all go because none of the rules necessarily need apply. It's tough because as a professional writer you're used to structuring a story and making sure the acts are laid out nicely. I mean, that stuff has to be there, but you don't have to do it traditionally. You can advance the stories in very non-traditional ways. It basically comes down to that. You just constantly have to throw rules out the window.

Marvel.com: Throughout the years, Deadpool's insanity has been portrayed in different ways. With you, there are multiple text boxes that talk to him and he responds to. What made you take that approach?

Daniel Way:
When [Deadpool] started to become this bonkers character, it seemed that he was always playing off of someone else. In that reflection is where you saw how off kilter he was. He needed a straight man essentially, but I wasn't interested in writing anybody but Deadpool. So, all I did was internalize all of that. Instead of chatting with someone else, he's chatting with himself. And instead hearing how nuts he is, you get to see it from his point of view.

Marvel.com: You talked about story structure before and about how everything happens for a reason. In that regard, we've seen Deadpool come up with brilliant plans that just seem crazy at first. Is he really an insane genius?

cover by
Jason Pearson

Daniel Way: It's not that he's a genius. It's just that he doesn't think like normal people. He sees angles that normal people wouldn't see. That's the methodology of the character: madness is his method. He doesn't think along traditional lines. Whoever he's going up against is always trying to figure out what he's doing. They're trying to apply logic to an illogical approach and that's why they fail in defending themselves against him. To borrow from Wolverine: he really is the best at what he does and what he does is crazy.

Marvel.com: This week's issue sees Bullseye coming after the Merc with the Mouth. What can we expect?

Daniel Way:
Deadpool is manic, he's not particularly insane. It doesn't come from a bad place; it comes from a weird place. Bullseye is evil. He really does revel and relish in being that bad guy. What you have is two different flavors of crazy going head-to-head. Both of them have a pension for cooking up these Rube Goldberg type plans of attack. So, I guess what you can expect is these guys really going at each other. But what's going to happen over the course of this arc is that these two guys start to really enjoy this because there aren't many other people in the Marvel Universe who they can really let go with. It's almost like they complete each other. [Laughs] I think the ending will catch some people a bit by surprise, but then again, if you have any preconceived notions about any Deadpool story then you're falling into the same trap as the characters in the book that try to deal with Deadpool.

Marvel.com: There's been quite a few guest stars in the book, but one Marvel team in particular has always been around the corner for Deadpool because he claims he's a mutant, but he's not. Will readers be seeing the X-Men anytime soon?

cover by
Jason Pearson

Daniel Way: That's actually something I'm going to be looking at. The Bullseye story wraps up the first year's arc. We'll be having an epilogue to that in an arc called "Wave of Mutilation," and there will be revelations in that arc that will have Deadpool taking a look at where he is and where he wants to go and where does he belong in the Marvel Universe. My plan is to have Deadpool try and throw his hat into the hero ring, but his biggest obstacle-of course-will be himself and his history. Being heroic means taking that path and sticking to it, and that's going to be extremely hard for Deadpool to pull off.

"Wave of Mutilation" will see the return of Bob, Agent of Hydra. Deadpool has a particular job for him to do. I don't want to give it away, but basically he helps Deadpool become a pirate. After that, I think you can expect a lot of guest stars as far as heroes and teams of heroes. Heroes who tend to operate alone may be all of sudden presented with a prospective sidekick, which with Deadpool would probably last all of 90 seconds. [Laughs]

Marvel.com: Shifting gears a bit, let's talk about your upcoming series DARK WOLVERINE, which stars Daken, a character you're extremely familiar with as you created him. What can readers expect?

Daniel Way:
It's me and [co-writer] Marjorie Liu. I'm plotting everything out and Marjorie is doing the scripting. We work together on the dialogue and characterization and stuff. Fans have seen Daken in DARK AVENGERS, and they'll notice he's very different from Wolverine. DARK WOLVERINE is really an exploration of that. It's like taking a look at Wolverine as he was before he joined the X-Men.

#75 cover by
Leinil Francis Yu

This is the Wolverine that's not repenting or changing his ways. If you can imagine, [this is] an even more violent Wolverine, but at the same time, an extremely manipulative Wolverine trying to rise his way in the ranks. Daken has been kept underground his entire life. No one's known about him. Now he's actively getting noticed. Wolverine has always kept a lone wolf status. Daken is more like an alpha wolf. Now that he's here, he wants to work his way to the top.

Marvel.com: You make an interesting point about the character: he was kept underground and now he's in the spotlight. This very much reflects his status in real life as before he was mostly regulated to WOLVERINE: ORIGINS, but now he's rather prevalent throughout the Marvel U. Are you excited that he's out there in the public eye?

Daniel Way:
I think it's great that he's getting out there and branching out. It actually fits incredibly well with the character's story arc. Daken is convinced that he's to become the new Romulus, who is the big bad from ORIGINS. This is perfect in that he's off of Romulus' chain and he's out there in the world. He's able to get his own plan going and establish his own base of power and his own alliances. Yet, whenever he wants to-with a couple of surgical strikes-he can disappear again, and essentially, Wolverine will be left holding the bag because as far as the general populace of the Marvel U knows, that is Wolverine [on the Dark Avengers]. So, this is really time for Daken to get out there and get his own network established and become more powerful and more influential.

cover by
Stephen Segovia

Marvel.com: You mentioned ORIGINS, a series you've been working on since its launch. What's coming up in that book?

Daniel Way: Even though DARK WOLVERINE is Daken's story, it plays an important role in where ORIGINS is going eventually. And now that Daken is currently out of the picture, so to speak, Wolverine can go at Romulus with all of his resources. This is Wolverine back on track and back on the mission. In that, we will actually finally see Romulus [face-to-face]. We'll finally get a look at this guy we've been talking about for 35 issues. This arc was first plotted out years ago. The next story arc, which is called "What I Do," was actually plotted before the first story arc, even down to the choreography of the fight. I wanted it to be the ultimate Wolverine battle, where he uses everything and the book is just soaked in blood.

Marvel.com: There's no pencils after a certain point-just pages and pages of red.

Daniel Way:
Exactly. [Laughs] I want it actually dripping when it comes off the press.

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I'm all about the Romulus plot right now. Just saw the wolvie flic tonight and, though it was good, it just makes you feel even better about the books because you know the real story and tha's so much heavier than the what the rest of the patrons know. I thought this new tile was going to be just Daken taking over the spotlight and his biz in the Dark Avengers, but if's really more on the father/son/ mentor/kill the wold plot of Romulus??? Shhiiii, they got my money.


cant wait for the deadpool vs bullseye/hawkeye story tomorrow but are there any origin trades out yet???


penchant, not pension...Sheesh,Tom