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Civil War

Sought After Civil War Tie-Ins Reprinted in Civil War: Casualties of War and Black Panther: War Crimes

Three Civil War one-shots, Civil War: War Crimes, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills, and Iron Man/Captain America; Casualties of War, have all sold out at Diamond. Marvel is going back to press on these quick sellouts, reprinting the one-shots in Civil War: Casualties of War, a comic similar to the Civil War reprint comics Civil War Amazing Spider-Man: Decisions and Civil War Thunderbolts: Swimming With Sharks. Plus, the much sought after Black Panther's Civil War tie-in issues have become so red hot that Marvel is releasing Black Panther: War Crimes, a similar reprinting that collects Black Panther #21-23 which have all sold out at Diamond. Though not originally announced as a part of the larger Civil War event, the one-shots making up Civil War: Casualties of War have proven to be engrossing reads adding increased depth to the crossover, while Black Panther's Civil War tie-ins have proved to be intriguing chapters of the Civil War story. Kevin Powers of SilverBulletComicBooks.com called Winter Soldier: Winter Kills "phenomenal" and "one of the most genuine, character driven stories I have read in a while." Nick Marino of AvengersForever.org has called Black Panther "a hot topic of discussion" and "a fun comic book with a unique take on Civil War." Black Panther still has a large role to play in Civil War as well as a new, high-profile role in the post-Civil War Marvel Universe, so pick up Black Panther: War Crimes for the beginning of large changes in the lives of T'Challa and Ororo and for three important, stand-alone Civil War stories all inside one comic, do not miss Civil War: Casualties of War. Please note, copies of Civil War: War Crimes, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills, and Iron Man/Captain America; Casualties of War may still be available at the retailer level. BLACK PANTHER: WAR CRIMES (NOV068216) Written by REGINALD HUDLIN Pencils by MANUEL GARCIA & KOI TURNBULL Cover by MICHAEL TURNER, MIKE DEODATO, & GARY FRANK Rated T+…$4.99 FOC - 1/18, On-Sale - 2/7/2007 CIVIL WAR: CASUALTIES OF WAR (NOV068215) Written by ED BRUBAKER, CHRISTOS GAGE & FRANK TIERI Pencils by LEE WEEKS, STAZ JOHNSON, & JEREMY HAUN Cover by STEVE EPTING, JIM CHEUNG, & SEAN SCOFFIELD Rated T+…$6.99 FOC - 1/25, On-Sale - 2/14/2007
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