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Everyone's favorite nutcase is back for blood and when it comes to carnage, Bullseye never misses. Though he's currently hiding under the mask of Hawkeye in the pages of DARK AVENGERS and DARK REIGN: HAWKEYE, Marvel's most precise psychopath has had a long and complicated history that we'll be exploring today.
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by Chris Bramante

#131 (1963)

DAREDEVIL #131 (1963) Only one man has the power to break through a glass window with a paper airplane and he's not someone whose tricks can be taken lightly. DAREDEVIL #131 features the introduction of the world's deadliest assassin, Bullseye, who enters the Marvel Universe throwing ballpoint pens into necks and making his mark as the most terrifying thief in Hell's Kitchen. Check out what happens when Bullseye aims to strike terror in the heart of the Man without Fear.

#181 (1963)

DAREDEVIL #181 (1963) Out of prison and out for revenge, Bullseye's bloodlust for Daredevil develops into full-fledged obsession as the marksman believes he has discovered that the face behind ol' Hornhead belongs to blind attorney Matt Murdock. When Bullseye's investigation brings him blade-to-bladewith fellow assassin Elektra, the killers engage in one of comic history's most epic showdowns. One wins. One dies.


BULLSEYE: GREATEST HITS #1 Get ready to discover the tarnished past that gave Bullseye his infallible aim and turned him into a remorseless killer. Trapped in maximum security, Bullseye gets interrogated by NSA agents attempting to pry information about stolen nukes, but even the strongest cage can't contain the uncontrollable.


THE PUNISHER VS. BULLSEYE #1 The Punisher's never-ending assault on crime come to the doorsteps of the Patrillo Crime Family and Uncle Fonzie Patrillo sees only one solution…put a hit out on Frank Castle. It's a request so insane it requires a hitman equally nuts to take the job. Lucky for these wiseguys, not only does that man exist, he never misses.

#111 (2006)

THUNDERBOLTS #111 (2006) On the hunt for Jack Flag, a former protégé of Captain America, Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts find the chase to be more elusive than they care for, but Bullseye proves himself to be the true muscle behind the mayhem. Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes!

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