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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: The Hood

Marvel.com's therapist gets personal with Parker Robbins

By Tim Stevens Parker Robbins, better known as criminal boss the Hood, is an adult of average to above average physical fitness and intelligence. As requested by HAMMER Director Norman Osborn, this writer has observed the subject naturalistically for several months so as to best assess. Given that Robbins is unaware of the observation, this assignment has presented several possible violations of the APA Ethics Code. The writer has made Director Osborn aware of these difficulties and has been assured that the Director will do his due diligence to ensure that all issues are discussed with HAMMER attorneys and the APA. If there are any conflicts that are beyond resolution, the writer will be informed of them and preference will be given to the Ethics Code. As no such information has been provided, the writer is acting in good faith that all conflicts were resolved.

The subject has a tendency to speak in the patois of those with whom he associates, but it often appears to be an affectation, something he knowingly puts on and works to maintain. In conversation he is often brief, abrupt, and aggressive, but also seemingly capable of deeper conversational commitment as displayed in interactions with those outside his super villain circle. This change in behavior is particularly evident in Robbins' interactions with his girlfriend, child, and mother. In these situations, he projects an air of normalcy. While he may build himself up to these individuals, he always does so in mundane or clichéd ways. For instance, he will tell his girlfriend that he has been promoted at a work site or his mother that he is a doctor. He will never, however, reveal his true "job" despite it being far more impressive than his myriad of lies. The only individual Robbins appears to be 100% open and honest with is the cousin who he was with when he first encountered the hood that gives him his abilities. The other individuals in his personal life make Robbins vulnerable to manipulation and intimidation. His mother, in particular, is a good target given her vegetative state and the fact that

he has assumed the role of sole provider for her. Another area in which the subject appears vulnerable is, ironically enough, the source of his power. While the writer has been unable to get close enough to verify what the cause of the subject's stress is regarding this item, it is clear that it frightens him and he is not totally in control of its powers while wielding them. This may account for his reliance on firearms when, seemingly, his cloak backs enough power to level city blocks. Finally, the Director might consider exploiting Robbins' ambition. Clearly, given his tendency to lie about his importance and his quick ascension to the head of the super villain community, he is a man who wants to be-or at least appear to be-an important person. Appealing to this vanity may give another avenue into the subject's head and his life. Overall, it is the opinion of this writer that Robbins is an individual with many weaknesses to exploit. However, I would also warn the Director that the subject wields considerable power and his lack of control over it might make him incredibly dangerous if pushed too far or forced to react without thinking.

For a full description of Parker Robbins, please see the DARK REIGN: THE HOOD #1 report prepared by Jeff Parker and Kyle Hotz and available now. Tim Stevens is a Mental Health Supervisor currently pursuing his Psy D. Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes!


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[quote@brohymn722 the hood just really doesnt strike me as that cool of a character....i think it would be better to have the kingpin in the cabal and magneto instead of emma frost[/quote] You forget that Magneto is MIA and that Kingpin is in exile. Fisk and Norman don't get along anyway. Also, Hood is Dormammu's pupil(Fisk has no magical abilities and someone Osborn can manipulate.


the hood just really doesnt strike me as that cool of a character....i think it would be better to have the kingpin in the cabal and magneto instead of emma frost