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EXCLUSIVE: McGuinness Hulk #600 Cover

Get ready for a smashing July with INCREDIBLE HULK #600

INCREDIBLE HULK #600 COVER BY: Ed McGuinness WRITER: Jeph Loeb PENCILS: Ed Mcguinness THE STORY: WHO IS THE RED HULK?! THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN IS GOING TO TRY AND FIND OUT! GREEN HULK! RED HULK! SPIDEY! SECRETS REVEALED! A STORY SO BIG IT CAN BARELY BE CONTAINED IN THE INCREDIBLE 600TH ISSUE OF HULK! ALL THIS AND A STARTLING SURPRISE ENDING TO TOP ALL THE OTHER SHOCKING SURPRISES THIS HULK BOOK IS KNOWN FOR! The chart-topping team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness bring you a 600th-issue celebration guest starring your friendly Neighborhood Web-Head as the original Incredible series returns! Plus, back-up story by Fred Van Lente featuring the Savage She-Hulk! And representing the first issue of the Loeb/Sale HULK: GRAY series! PRICE: $4.99 IN STORES: July 15, 2009 Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Hulk! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes!
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I'm happy about the return of Greg Pak as the writer of the Incredible Hulk comic, re-starting at #600. It seems that Jeph Loeb will stay as the writer of the "Hulk" book (which started in 2008) but telling stories about Rulk (the Red Hulk). If so, we're going to have two Hulk monthly books, something that hasn't happen for a long time, and I am all for it, although I am not satisfied, as most readers, with Loeb's work on the book overall. Ed Mc****ss ' first stint on the Hulk dates back to November 98, right after writer Peter David left the book for the first time. If you compare Ed's artwork then with his current artwork, you'll see that this artist has grown a lot in the last decade. I'm happy to have him drawing the Hulk (or Rulk, for that matter).Reference: [url]www.incredible-hulk-library.com[/url]


Hulk has been a fun book, but the stories lack any substance. I know most just want to see the Hulk beating the crap out people and things, but I read these for a great thought out story. So, now that Pak is taking over Incredible Hulk again I will again be able to read Hulk and be desperatly awaiting the next issue. The Red Hulk is a Super Skrull, I just know it.


This could be the ticket to get me back into the Hulk books...plus, I've been dying to know who Red Hulk is!!! Don't let me down!!! :hulk: