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San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Fans and Critics Agree: Marvel Rocked Comic-Con 2007

The Iron Man suit

Marvel was a relentless machine of excitement and manic activity this year at Comic-Con, barreling through the convention, leaving a gaggle of fans pleased and fulfilled in its wake. With Iron Man and Spider-Man video game demos, the Mach I armor from 2008's Iron Man movie, panels aplenty, heavyweight signings and a booming booth packed with so many people, the aisles around it had to be shut down to accommodate the traffic, Marvel was in stellar form. But don't just take our word for it. See what everybody else was saying about Marvel's Domination at San Diego Comic-Con 2007. "Marvels efforts were almost a textbook example of how to make an impression at the con." - Hollywood Reporter
Marvel Studios Panel

Marvel Studios

"One of the most anticipated presentations at the 2007 Comic-Con International, if not the most, was the Saturday afternoon Marvel Films panel" - SuperHeroHype.com "The most anticipated film panel of the bunch wasn't even a single major distributor - rather the recently formed Marvel Studios." - DarkHorizons.com
Iron Man

Adi Granov, Jon
Favreau, Stan
Winston and Robert
Downey Jr.

"Robert Downey Jr. absolutely owned the role of Tony Stark. Owned it." - ScreenRant.com "The Marvel Comics booth was the place to be Saturday afternoon, as the grey "Mark 1" suit from the upcoming 'Iron Man' film starring Robert Downey, Jr. was unveiled... er, un-crated... to crowds of fans" - ComicBookMovie.com
The Incredible Hulk

Marvel Studios

"There seemed to be a general sense of relief among comic fans with this creative team in place." - IGN.com "'Hulk' smashes at Marvel panel" - MTV.com
Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day

Steve McNiven
Brand new Day

"The 'Brand New Day' storyline begins, ushering in a new era for everyone's favourite web-head." - Joo-See.com "A host of new creative teams will place the action firmly back among the skyscrapers and hotdog stands of New York. A return to the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man that we all know and love isn't just promised; it's guaranteed." - Joo-See.com

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange Premiere "The Doctor Strange movie itself was positively received in the convention hall, generating praise from both a young first-time con attendee and an actual medical doctor who has followed the character since his first days." - ComicBookResources.com
Cup O' Joe

Joe Quesada

"Not since the heyday of Stan Lee has the Editor-in-Chief of a comic book company been as personable and as accessible as current Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada." - WizardUniverse.com "Quesada served up company announcements & story developments while fielding a barrage of no-holds barred questions from a lively audience." - WizardUniverse.com
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