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The 5 Most Epically Awesome Halo Uprising Moments

5 more reasons to pick up the HALO: UPRISING hardcover on June 3!


By Ryan Penagos The hardcover collection of HALO: UPRISING lands on store shelves June 3, complete with the big sweeping action, massive explosions, twists and turns you'd expect from comics inspired by one of the most successful and beloved video game franchises of all time. For those of you that haven't read the series, or those of you that need a gentle reminder as to why UPRISING rocks, check out our 5 favorite moments from HALO: UPRISING. Want a HALO: UPRISING sample? Click here to read the first issue of HALO: UPRISING right now, for a limited time! And remember to pick up the HALO: UPRISING HC on June 3!
Master Chief Unleashed! [HALO: UPRISING #1] Four pages into the first issue, Master Chief unloads upon the hapless Covenant hordes. It's a classic Halo sequence with Master Chief tearing through alien troops with guns and grenades aplenty. And then, bam, MC finds himself facing dozens of troops, all eager to take down the one they call "The Demon." Planetside Chaos! [HALO: UPRISING #2] Hotel concierge Ruwan and pop musician Myras, the civilian characters created specially for the comics, find themselves in a Covenant-controlled prison camp on Earth. Their lives at risk while the Covenant search for a missing artifact, all hell breaks loose when UNSC troops swoop in and start kickin' tail. The action's intense, but it's the human connection that really helps drive the story on Earth. Covenant Massacre [HALO: UPRISING #3] Remember the awesomeness mentioned in the first issue? Take that Master Chief versus overwhelming odds angle and amp it up a notch, turn the action past MAXIMUM and give Chief dual Spikers. Massive carnage, pure Halo. "That's Why We'll Win" [HALO: UPRISING #4] Even bloody, beaten and tortured, humanity won't give in to the Covenant. One soldier spits in the face of impending death, letting the Covenant know-rightfully so-why humanity will win. It's a brutal scene, and one that's echoed, in some form or fashion, through the Halo games, books and comics. The Key of Osanalan [HALO: UPRISING #1-4] What is it? Why do the Covenant want it so badly? How did a lowly hotel clerk get wrapped up in the situation and what does it all mean for the war? From Mars to Earth to an orbiting Covenant ship, the mystery of the Key unravels, driving the story. Another great, expansive part of the Halo mythos: Gotta love it.
Click here to read the first issue of HALO: UPRISING right now, for a limited time! And remember to pick up the HALO: UPRISING HC on June 3! Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!
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