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Make Mine '39

The Fantastic Four in 60 Seconds

Continue the celebration of Marvel's 70th anniversary with its First Family

By Matt Powell In 1939, the company that would become Marvel Comics got it's start, and now, 70 years later, we're still standing tall and commemorating seven decades of excitement! As part of the celebration, each week we will take a look at a landmark Marvel character, including vital stats, origin and biography in 60 words or less, essential issues you can find on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and more! So remember: don't just Make Yours Marvel, Make Yours '39!
NAMES: Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing REAL NAMES: Reed Richards, Susan Storm Richards, Jonathan Lowell Spencer "Johnny" Storm, Benjamin Jacob Grimm HEIGHTS 6'1"(variable, Mister Fantastic), 5'6" (Invisible Woman) 5'10" (Human Torch), 6' (Thing) WEIGHTS 180 lbs. (Mister Fantastic) 120 lbs. (Invisible Woman) 170 lbs. (Human Torch), 500 lbs. (Thing) FIRST APPEARANCE: FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (1961)

30-WORD ORIGIN: On an experimental test flight into space, the four adventurers were bombarded by cosmic rays which mutated them into superhumans with extraordinary powers of elasticity, invisibility, flame control, and super-strength. 30-WORD BIOGRAPHY: As the First Family of the Marvel Universe, the Fantastic Four maintain a loving and unbreakable bond that guides them through every one of their exhilarating journeys into the unknown.

KEY ISSUES -FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (1961): The first appearance and origin of the Fantastic Four -FANTASTIC FOUR #5 (1962): The first appearance of Doctor Doom -FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #3: The wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm -FANTASTIC FOUR #48 (1966): The coming of Galactus -FANTASTIC FOUR #500 (2003): The FF battle Doom for the lives of Reed & Sue's children FUN FACT While the original line up of the Fantastic Four has been consistent for years, past members include Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, She-Hulk, and Ghost Rider.
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I have recently begun reading the Essential Fantastic Four vol 1,2, and 3. It is great to see how much they have changed while never losing that chemistry created by Stan and Jack many moons ago. There are so many awesome stories and adventures, and I hope their exploits go on for many more moons to come!!!