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Make Mine '39

The Hulk in 60 Seconds

The Green Goliath smashes his way into Marvel's 70th anniversary celebration

By Matt Powell In 1939, the company that would become Marvel Comics got it's start, and now, 70 years later, we're still standing tall and commemorating seven decades of excitement! As part of the celebration, each week we will take a look at a landmark Marvel character, including vital stats, origin and biography in 60 words or less, essential issues you can find on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and more! So remember: don't just Make Yours Marvel, Make Yours '39!
NAME: The Hulk REAL NAME: Robert Bruce Banner HEIGHT 5' 9½" (Banner); 7' - 8' (green/savage Hulk) WEIGHT 128 lbs. (Banner); 1,040 - 1,400 lbs. (green/savage Hulk) FIRST APPEARANCE: INCREDIBLE HULK #1 (1962)

30-WORD ORIGIN: During the trial of an experimental gamma bomb, Dr. Banner selflessly saved a trespassing teenager from harm's way, but was struck by gamma radiation, transforming him into the Incredible Hulk. 30-WORD BIOGRAPHY: The flipside to Banner's personality, Hulk is a monster to some, and hero to others. Despite his incredible strength and temper, Hulk seeks only to be left alone in peace.

KEY ISSUES -INCREDIBLE HULK #1 (1962): The first appearance and origin of the Hulk -TALES TO ASTONISH #62 (1964): Hulk first encounters his archenemy, the Leader -INCREDIBLE HULK #319 (1986): The wedding of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross -INCREDIBLE HULK #92 (2006): Hulk crash-lands on the savage planet of Sakaar -WORLD WAR HULK #1 (2007): Returning from his outer space exile, Hulk seeks revenge on the Marvel heroes who sent him there FUN FACT Hulk's transformations have included an intelligent green Hulk and a conniving grey Hulk named Mr. Fixit.
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