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Marvel Hotline

Marvel Hotline: Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1

Kieron Gillen talks about what it's like writing about the Stormbreaker wielding Korbinite in BETA RAY BILL: GODHUNTER #1

What do the hottest creators have to say about the biggest Marvel projects going? Now you can hear and see it all for yourself-spoken in their own words-it's all a part of our spankin' new Marvel.com video, Marvel Hotline! Every Monday, Marvel Hotline will feature a top creator chatting about his/her work on a comic soon to be in stores. Listen in on the exclusive phone conversation and see the awesome art for yourself!
In this week's Marvel Hotline, Kieron Gillen chats about writing BETA RAY BILL: GODHUNTER #1
BETA RAY BILL: GODHUNTER #1 Galactus! He's devoured worlds since the dawn of the universe. Consuming the Korbinites' home was nothing special. But for Beta Ray Bill - oathbrother to Thor and the Korbinites' defender - it was a failure of his life's duty...and has given him a certain clarity. How can a hero suffer such a threat to his existence? Beta Ray Bill sets forth to hunt down Galactus, force him to his knees and make him pay - with a plan so audacious even the Planet Eater will feel fear... Written by: Kieron Gillen Art by: Kano Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything X-Men! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes!



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Ahhhh, Bill... I am glad they are only giving him the minis treatment, since the uniqueness of his differences to Thor are not all of that to demand an ongoing but his situations are still very enjoyable reads and interesting. It'd be an interesting dimension to the history of Galactus if we get out of this that lives can be retrieved from their consumed fate (understandably something he'd not be keen on since it'd surely be depriving him of the energy he needed in the first place).I wouldn't say I'm particularly missing the Korbinites, but maybe Bill deserves a little happiness again (and going with recent Marvel/DC parallels in major stories, it'd be like the current Supes and New Krypton storyline), plus it'd be an unexpected twist ending to what the series says it is. I wonder enough what the writers have planned from this though, since I do not expect Galactus to 'permanently' meet an end in Thor-lite mini. The little glimpse of Thor alludes that he loses some of his power + gets Mjolnir damaged, but looking at that it makes me slightly ticked... why so long between the Thor ongoing Marvel? C'mon, step it up! I expected there'd be extra consequences to his exile from Asgard, but I didn't really want to only learn of aspects of it here in a preview to a spin-off when the last Thor issue was months ago.