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Wolverine #50 Sells Out!!!

Jeph Loeb and Young Guns Reloaded artist Simone Bianchi's first issue of Wolverine has sold out at Diamond! In fact, both the regular version and the black and white variant of Wolverine #50 have sold out! The issue marked the beginning of Loeb and Bianchi's run on Marvel's deadliest character as well as featuring a back-up story written by Loeb and drawn by fan-favorite Ed McGuinness. Currently, Marvel has no plans to go back to press on Wolverine #50. "Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow and Wow," said Jeph Loeb when he heard about the sellout. "I'm incredibly grateful to the readers and the retailers who supported what I think of as my first major project for Marvel (Onslaught Reborn benefits my son's The Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund so I like to think of that differently)." "The biggest hugs go out to my two contributors," says Loeb, "my long time pal and astonishing artist Ed "Ed" McGuinness and then there's the real superstar of this arc, Simone Bianchi. Getting the chance for the world to see Simone's amazing talents -- both in color and in black & white -- is such a joy. His enthusiasm for this story and our working friendship explodes on every page. What I want the readers to know is that YES! There are answers to all the questions raised! And Yes! There will be a final confrontation between Marveldom's awesomest and savage enemies Wolverine and Sabretooth. The best is still to come!" "Loeb can tell a story like few others," says Aaron Stueve of BrokenFrontier.com. "His mix of drama, comedy, and action are masterful... when the right creators join forces, new and powerful stories can be told. In Wolverine #50, that is exactly what is happening." Bryan Sandala of SilverBulletComics.com says Wolverine #50 "feels the way a Wolverine comic should: savage, brutal, pugilistic." Wolverine #50 begins a stunning tale that is sure to redefine the character and leave fans stunned once it's over. If you haven't gotten this amazing issue yet, run out now and find it if you can. Please note, copies of Wolverine #50 may still be available at the retailer level. Also, retailers should be advised to increase their orders on future issues. WOLVERINE #51 (DEC062347) Written by Jeph Loeb Pencils and Cover by Simone Bianchi Parental Advisory ...$2.99 FOC - 2/8, On-Sale - 2/28/2007 WOLVERINE #51 BLACK AND WHITE VARIANT (NOV068197) Written by Jeph Loeb Pencils and Cover by Simone Bianchi Parental Advisory ...$2.99 FOC - 2/8, On-Sale - 2/28/2007
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