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FIRST LOOK: September 2009 Smashing Comic Book Previews

Find out what's in store for Hulk, Hercules and some of Marvel's other smash-happy heroes this September!

Smash away the summertime blues with these upcoming comics!


HULK TEAM-UP Written by MARC SUMERAK & ALEXANDER ZALBON Penciled by SANFORD GREEN & JOYCE CHIN Cover by MICHAEL GOLDEN Mutant mayhem in a Battle by the Bay! While exploring their new home in San Francisco, X-Men Iceman and Angel discover that the weirdest part of the city isn't its eclectic populace or crazy landmarks, but the monsters that pass through -- namely the Incredible Hulk! Now they've got to track down Hulk and get to the bottom of a series of earthquakes (because THAT never happens in SF...) before the Red Hulk shows up bringing his trademark good cheer to San Fran. Did we say good cheer? We meant destruction and carnage. PLUS: Dazzler rocks out at the Fillmore and Hulk's got backstage passes! Will the Pop Princess get Smashed, live in concert? 40 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ ...$3.99


INCREDIBLE HERCULES #134 Written by GREG PAK & FRED VAN LENTE Penciled by REILLY BROWN Cover by RAFAEL ALBERQUERQUE "The Replacement Thor" continues as the Mighty Hercules, wearing the Thunder God's togs and towing a most unexpected guest star along to provide the pyrotechnics, descends to mysterious Svartalfheim to save the day from a new threat among the Dark Elves. But everything changes when the wicked Elven Queen turns out to be as languorously lovely as she is lethal! What Would Thor Do? Probably not what happens in this book! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99


INCREDIBLE HERCULES #135 Written by GREG PAK & FRED VAN LENTE Penciled by RODNEY BUCHEMI Cover by RAFAEL ALBERQUERQUE AMADEUS CHO is MASTER MIND EXCELLO! Heroically parachuting behind enemy lines! Bravely rescuing beautiful secret agents imprisoned inside the death traps of a mad Nazi genius! And discovering for the first time what the real nature of his powers are as his secret origin continues -- at last the truth can be revealed here! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

HULK #15

HULK #15 Written by JEPH LOEB Pencils & Cover by IAN CHURCHILL Variant Cover by ED MCGUINNESS The battle you've been waiting for: THE RED HULK VS. WOLVERINE. Plus: Deadpool! Elektra! Punisher! Vs. X-Force! All this and a shock ending that will have all of Marveldom twittering! Superstars Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill continue the action packed part 2 of CODE RED! 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

HULK #602

INCREDIBLE HULK #602 Written by GREG PAK Pencils & Cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI Savage She-Hulk backup by FRED VAN LENTE & MICHAEL RYAN X marks the spot as the most insane father and son duo in the Marvel Universe take on one of the Green Goliath's most formidable adversaries. That's right, it's the JUGGERNAUT, bi--bi--boys and girls! What happens when an unstoppable force meets the Old Power and the gamma-fueled genes of the Strongest One There Is? Massive destruction and emotional revelation, that's what! Continuing the acclaimed writer Greg Pak's return to the "Incredible Hulk,"plus, in the "Savage She-Hulk" backup story written by Fred Van Lente, Lyra takes on the all-new Gamma Corps Black! 40 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99


SON OF HULK #15 Written by PAUL JENKINS Penciled by ANDRES GUINALDO ISABEL Cover by ALEX GARNER Planet Sakaar is no more. The SON OF HULK will stop at nothing to exact his revenge on the Mighty GALACTUS for devouring his homeworld -- but there are those who wish to prevent him in his quest for blood. Nothing is at it seems as the Son of Hulk does whatever it takes to rain destruction on his enemies and bring Galactus to his knees. Will the prophesies of the Old Power hold true or is the Son of Hulk destined for failure? 32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$2.99 Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Hulk! Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now!


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Why does Juggernaut always have to Vs a hulk based character (so old now) but Juggernaut will lose badly as hes just a stepping stone for skaar to show off a victory (of lameness) .


its like marvel is just throwing the red hulk at random people now, its rulk vs everybody.


So happy to see Ian Churchill back at Marvel :grin: