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New York Comic-Con 2007

New York Comic Con: Daredevil: End of Days

Bendis, Sienkewicz, Janson, Mack and Maleev team up to tell the last Daredevil tale

By Jim Beard
The word is out: Marvel Comics is poised to reveal the final chapter in the story of the Man Without Fear. "This isn't just a 'What If'," points out writer Brian Michael Bendis. "This IS how the story of Daredevil WILL end." DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS is set to rock both the crimson-clad hero's world as well as his legion of fans. The story drives a serious one-two punch to the gut, weaving multiple elements of Daredevil's life and career into an apocalyptic adventure that cannot be missed. The creative team on DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS is one for the record books. Writer Brian Michael Bendis and writer/artist David Mack reunite on the character for perhaps what may prove to be both Matt Murdock's and their finest hour. Bendis and Mack have handled the Man Without Fear's adventures both singly and as a team, and END OF DAYS will mark another exciting collaboration for the two friends. Visuals will be delivered by legendary artists Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkewicz and Alex Maleev. Bendis first swung through the dark, foreboding world of Daredevil in 2001 and was soon garnering comparisons to Frank Miller's legendary run of the 1980s. This culminated in two Eisner Awards for the writer in 2003. Mack's creator-owned "Kabuki" series led him to put his own personal and well-received stamp on Daredevil, with storylines like "Parts of a Hole" and "Echo: Vision Quest." Mack puts a not-to-subtle point on what makes the event tick for him. "I get to return to writing a character that I read and loved as a kid. My first work for Marvel was as the writer for DAREDEVIL and it's a joy to return to this character that I have such love and passion for." "I also get to collaborate with some of the best creators in comics," Mack continues. "Creators that have brought so much magic to the history of Daredevil. And if that wasn't already a dream come true, the energy on this project between us all is incredible. The absolute excitement that these creators are bringing to END OF DAYS is electric and they are really putting everything into it. They are performing at the top of their game." Mack's writing partner Bendis also has a point to stress about the book's mechanics. "Let's not forget to shine a spotlight on David Mack's return to mainstream comics with END OF DAYS. I'm thrilled to be part of it. David and I have been working together since, literally, our first day in comics. This is a really big deal for us, and like those early days, this project has brought out the best in each other." Though the writing team will undoubtedly be producing some of their greatest work to date, the art on DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS will match the words for greatness, stroke by beautifully haunting stroke. Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkewicz, and Alex Maleev all come back home to Daredevil, and all three are as excited about the project as the writers. The visuals will stand as creatively as the story, as all involved will uniquely share in the art's construction. "This book isn't just Klaus penciling and Bill inking, which would be a thrill for any fan of the character," notes Bendis. "Sometimes it's also Bill painting, sometimes David himself painting, sometimes Alex is in on the interiors…it's a multi-mixed-media explosion of some of the best artists to ever work on the character." Editor Warren Simons is more than a little stoked to be shepherding the project. "It's a great treat to get to work with this lineup. Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Brian Bendis, Alex Maleev, David Mack...each of these guys has had a profound impact on the character, and it's really a rare opportunity to get a lineup like this. I couldn't be happier with this crew, and I can tell you, the first script is phenomenal and the first pages of art are lovely." "I've been looking for an excuse to revisit a character that I've loved since the very first issue of DAREDEVIL came out when I was in grade school," says Janson, reminiscing. "I know from experience that there's really only one good reason to get involved in any project and that's the script. And this script by Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack comes with a guarantee to melt your eyeballs! It's simply amazing." "This is not a conventional Daredevil story," says Bendis, with particular emphasis. "This is the Daredevil story to end all Daredevil stories. Literally." "This is the last story of one of the most heartbreaking, violent, passionate characters in the history of comics by creators who have dedicated entire chunks of their lives to him." No official date is set for the launch of the project, but keep your eyes peeled to Marvel.com for more info as it breaks. And don't miss out on any of our New York Comic Con coverage.
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