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Heroes Con 2009

Heroes Con/Wizard World Philly Wrap-Up

All the big stories from this weekend's two major shows

So what did you do this weekend? Marvel.com split it's time between not one but two big-time comic conventions, Heroes Con and Wizard World Philadelphia, bringing you all the latest news out of the House of Ideas! Did you miss something? No worries, we've got your back with this comprehensive list of stories... Heroes Con 2009 -Mark Waid chronicles the next step in the life of Stephen Strange in the STRANGE limited series -Gregg Hurwitz and Jerome Opena launch the former Marc Spector into a new life with VENGEANCE OF THE MOON KNIGHT

-Steve Wacker, Marc Guggenheim, Fred Van Lente and Mark Waid talk about what's ahead this fall for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, including the Black Cat, Mary Jane and old villains galore -Rick Remender helps the new Sorcerer Supreme assume his role in the DOCTOR VOODOO: AVENGER OF THE SUPERNATURAL ongoing series -Kieron Gillen and Cary Nord handle the God of War in DARK AVENGERS: ARES -The X-Babies return courtesy of Greg Schigiel and Jacob Chabot, and they've brought some friends from Star Comics along with them -Mike Carey kicks off a new direction for Rogue in X-MEN: LEGACY ANNUAL -Chris Yost takes the X-Men's resident psychic ninja on a trip to the Orient in X-MEN: PSYLOCKE Wizard World Philadelphia 2009

-Fred Van Lente and a trio of celebrated novelists present MARVEL ZOMBIES RETURN -Phil Jimenez signs on for a five-issue arc of ASTONISHING X-MEN with Warren Ellis -Rick Remender and Mahmud Asrar bring Luke Cage and Iron Fist into THUNDERBOLTS -Andy Diggle talks about his new direction for DAREDEVIL with artist Roberto De La Torre -Sean McKeever returns to Marvel with NOMAD: GIRL WITHOUT A WORLD -Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning prepare for cosmic fallout in WAR OF KINGS: WHO WILL RULE?

-Eric Shanower and Skottie Young sign up for another trip to the Emerald City with MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ -Novelist David Liss makes his Marvel debut with a Phantom Reporter story in DARING MYSTERY COMICS 70TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL And last but not least... -DARK REIGN: THE LIST Enjoy!
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I was at WW Philly last weekend and am astounded to report that Marvel was basically a NO SHOW for the event. I am also not that thrilled that I got back home to get a email update from Marvel "filling me in" on WW Philly.Many folks were upset by Marvel's absence from the show. Hopefully Marvel might attend future Wizard shows.