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Make Mine '39

Daredevil in 60 Seconds

The Man Without Fear joins Marvel's 70th anniversary celebration

By Matt Powell In 1939, the company that would become Marvel Comics got it's start, and now, 70 years later, we're still standing tall and commemorating seven decades of excitement! As part of the celebration, each week we will take a look at a landmark Marvel character, including vital stats, origin and biography in 60 words or less, essential issues you can find on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and more! So remember: don't just Make Yours Marvel, Make Yours '39!
NAME:Daredevil REAL NAME:Matthew Michael Murdock HEIGHT 6'0" WEIGHT 200 lbs. FIRST APPEARANCE: DAREDEVIL #1 (1964)

30-WORD ORIGIN: As a child, Matt Murdock saved a man from an oncoming truck, but its radioactive contents struck his eyes, robbing him of his sight, but enhancing his remaining four senses. 30-WORD BIOGRAPHY: The combination of Matt's harsh neighborhood, absentee mother, and down-and-out father fueled his desire to endure and seek justice, not only as a lawyer, but as a costumed crime fighter.

KEY ISSUES -DAREDEVIL #1 (1964): The first appearance and origin of Daredevil -DAREDEVIL #131 (1976): Daredevil first clashes with his future archenemy, Bullseye -DAREDEVIL #227 (1986): The Kingpin learns Daredevil's identity -DARDEVIL #1 (1998): Both Matt and Daredevil face new challenges and a new status quo -DARDEVIL #32 (2002): Matt Murdock publicly revealed to be Daredevil. FUN FACT Matt has been romantically linked to the Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), Elektra, Typhoid Mary, and Echo, among others.
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