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Dark Reign

Making the List: Greg Pak

The INCREDIBLE HERCULES writer slips back into the Hulk's purple pants with his latest one-shot DARK REIGN: THE LIST-HULK

By Kevin Mahadeo This fall, Norman Osborn's making a list, but he'll only need to check it once. As Osborn's rule over the Marvel Universe tightens, the Green Goblin-turned-Iron Patriot targets his biggest threats and prepares to deal with them accordingly. Comprised of eight interconnected one-shots, DARK REIGN: THE LIST refers to a literal list of people, places and things that hold particular importance to the Marvel Universe's current man in charge. A different creative team tackles each issue, which each address one item on the previously mentioned list. For the next week, Marvel.com will be speaking with the talented writers responsible for Making the List.

Dark Reign:
The List

Writer Greg Pak plans on delivering one heck of a smashing good time with his latest one-shot, DARK REIGN: THE LIST-HULK, not only to readers but straight into the life of the Marvel Universe's current head honcho, Norman Osborn. The SPECIAL joins Pak with British comic artist Ben Oliver, formerly of ULTIMATE X-MEN fame, and finds Osborn finally addressing the very understandable danger of a certain gamma-irradiated monstrosity running amok unchecked in the Marvel Universe. This one-shot comes in conjunction with the recently soon-to-be-launched INCREDIBLE HULK ongoing series, which Pak will also write, and establishes the ongoing status quo for the series.
Marvel.com: From what we understand, the List one-shots are Norman basically going pro-active against things he feels are threats in the Marvel U. What can readers expect to be the main drive in your one-shot?

The Hulk

Greg Pak:
Norman's about to mess with a major friend of the Hulk. Then Banner's going to pick a fight. Then massive smashing will ensue-but with a twist you won't see coming and with repercussions that will affect these characters in the long term. Marvel.com: The Hulk's been mostly off in his own little world recently, so why is Norman going after him now? Greg Pak: Norman's crazy, but he ain't dumb. He doesn't get tangled up in this fight intentionally. But once it starts, he'd better step up in every way possible if he likes breathing. Marvel.com: We all know that the madder Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets. What levels of anger can we expect to see here: punch a car Hulk or break the moon Hulk? Greg Pak: I'll just say that this will be a real contest and Norman's side ain't going down without a fight, no matter how much gamma-powered anger they face. I'll also say this won't be a face-saving super hero showdown in which both sides come off smelling like roses. This is a dirty, brutal fight with a real winner and a real loser.

Skaar &
Bruce Banner

Marvel.com: Does Norman have a game plan for battling the Hulk? It's safe to assume going head-on is a bad strategy. Greg Pak: Norman's pulling in a ringer who has a history with the Hulk and a unique skill set for getting inside the big green's head. And no, it isn't Doc Samson. Norman's ally is considerably prettier, for one. Marvel.com: On the teaser image for this project we see an image of the Hulk's big baby boy, Skaar. What role will he be playing in the one-shot? Greg Pak: Wild card, baby! Marvel.com: The last time a bunch of heroes took on the Hulk, in WORLD WAR HULK, the world almost ended. How much destruction can readers expect this time around? Greg Pak: Any time a Hulk's unleashed, teacups may rattle a thousand miles away. Anything's possible.

World War Hulk

Marvel.com: What's it like working with artist Ben Oliver on this title? What type of style does he bring to the Hulk? Greg Pak: Ben's work has been blowing me away. His trademark sleek lines and elegant compositions provide an incredible background for the brutal savagery we're unleashing in this book.
Check back in tomorrow when we speak with Jonathan Hickman about Making the List! Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Hulk! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Wolverine and the X-Men" now on iTunes!

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Lookin' forward to this.@ the mecca: No Cyclops One-shot. That's what the Utopia Avengers/X-Men crossover is for


dude they so better have a one shot for cyclops.