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Agents of Atlas: The Jade Claw Revealed

Jeff Parker discusses how the arrival of an old ally-turned-villain rocks Jimmy Woo's world in AGENTS OF ATLAS #9

Black and white preview art by Dan Panosian
By Tim Stevens

Seeing an ex can be an awkward experience. On August 5, thanks to writer Jeff Parker and artist Dan Panosian, it could prove deadly in AGENTS OF ATLAS #9.

Suwan, the old flame in question, once dated the leader of the Agents of Atlas, Jimmy Woo, some 50 years ago. Since the AGENTS OF ATLAS limited series, Parker has been dropping hints that she did not remain the woman that Woo knew her as back then.

"Readers of the original AGENTS OF ATLAS series that Leonard Kirk and I did may have read Master Plan's final letter to Jimmy Woo," reminds the writer. "Even that early you get the idea that something is up with Jimmy's old flame, Suwan."

This foreshadowing reached a climax of sorts when Mr. Lao, the Agents' dragon advisor, revealed to Jimmy that Suwan still walked amongst the living. For the Agents' leader, who has recently been increasingly dwelling on his lost love, this might have sounded like great news. The reality of it, however, will soon be shown to be more complicated. For one thing, she

Black and white preview art by Dan Panosian
now goes by the moniker Jade Claw. For another, she has become the head of a massive criminal enterprise, one that rivals Atlas in size.

To compound matters, the Jade Claw already has her sights set on Atlas, something the team stands wildly unprepared for.

"Jade Claw turns the world of Atlas upside down," Parker reveals. "Even though they haven't had much better luck with Norman Osborn than anyone else, at least their own operation has been going fairly smoothly. Then that gets smacked with a big dose of reality. Our team is used to being a powerful force; they're not used to running up against a brick wall over and over. Or rather, the Great Wall, which is Jade's organization."

The conflict throws the Agents' whole plan into disorder as they struggle to fend off Jade Claw and the Great Wall's machinations.

"She essentially derails everything-they can't even spend the effort to keep up their villain guise they're so busy just trying to survive," Parker explains. "One of Atlas' strengths is its secrecy, and Jade already knows all about the hidden empire."

Overall Parker pledges a story that will explosively demonstrate how, "people can change a lot in 50 years, and it's probably best to not look up your old girlfriends!"

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      They should have had YU ZHAO( Jade Claw ) use TEMUJAI[ http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix4/temujai.htm ] instead of creating M-21.TEMUJAI could have been given the same TECHNOLOGY/WEAPONS SYSTEMS as M-21 plus SIZE-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY like the kind used by the MASTER MOLD in that HULK ANNUAL( Hulk,Angel and Iceman vs. Master Mold ) John Byrne drew.