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Cable: Hope for the Future

With the last hope for mutantkind stranded by herself in the distant future, writer Duane Swierczynski tells us what's next

Preview art by Paul Gulacy
By Marc Strom

Last month, the young mutant named Hope found herself separated in time from her mentor, landing by herself in a strange and alien future. Now, in CABLE #17 on August 5, writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Paul Gulacy pit Hope against Bishop in the greatest battle of her young life.

While things might not look so great for Hope, Swierczynski reminds that Cable has always tried to prepare her for a day like this.

"That's what a good soldier does: hopes for the best, plans for the worst-no pun intended" the writer explains. "Cable's been waiting for her mutant abilities to manifest themselves, but in the meantime, he's been teaching her about survival. And don't forget that children learn by imitation. She's picked up a lot of Cable's moves over the years simply by watching him."

The last few months have placed Hope in some grueling situations, with the events of "Messiah War" still fresh on her mind.

"Hope is seeing that there's a bigger world out there than just her and Nathan," Swierczynski suggests. "She's finally met some of the X-Men, who Cable has barely talked about. It's one thing to hear stories about your crazy relatives; it's another to meet them.

"And in the two-parter [in CABLE #11-12], Hope realized that she's not completely useless without Cable around. After all, she kind of saved him.

Preview art by Paul Gulacy
So this goes a long way to prepare her for the events in CABLE #16 and #17."

"Messiah War" did not, however, make Hope realize her importance to the future of mutantkind, something that Nathan would rather she find out on her own.

"One of Cable's goals from the beginning, even at the end of 'Messiah CompleX,' has been to let the girl discover things for herself, away from those who'd want to use/co-opt/kill her," Swierczynski says. "And I think he holds himself to the same standard; he doesn't want to prejudice her in any way."

But don't let Hope's small stature fool you; Cable's absence in her upcoming confrontation with Bishop hardly makes her helpless.

"You'll see Hope trying to emulate Cable while she's trying to survive, using [her] environment, picking strategic hiding places, searching for food," Swierczynski relates. "She's by no means a seasoned soldier, but she's also more battle-hardened than most Pinkberry-eatin', Jonas Brothers-listenin' pre-teens.

"Wow. Can't believe I made a Jonas Brothers reference in a Cable Q&A."

When Cable and Hope eventually reunite, however, Swierczynski reveals that their dynamic will begin to change as Hope continues to become her own person.

Preview art by Paul Gulacy
"Not to spoil anything, but after a certain time apart, Cable and Hope will disagree on their next best move," the writer hints. "Trust me, there's nothing more frustrating than a little whippersnapper telling you what's what. And likewise, nothing pisses off a young kid like some stick-in-the-mud old man thinkin' he's calling the shots. It's the classic parent-child dilemma. You want them to be independent, but not too independent, goddamnit."

Leaving off, Swierczynski offered a tease or two for what fans can expect from CABLE in the coming months:

"How about this: the next arc [reintroduces] some classic X-Men characters, ones I know and love from my own boyhood. Classic characters who have lots and lots of teeth."

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Bishop has been destroyed. Even if he's right about Hope, he's a committed mutiple mass murders possibly creating multiple horrible futures which may be worse than the one he's from. I keep hearing that "Would you kill baby Hitler?" line, but what Bishop had done is more like killing all of Germany to kill baby Hitler. I'll take it all back if they can convince me that Bishop really didn't commit these atrocities though.


Sigh, I still don't like losing Bishop to the [irredeemably] dark side. I'm pretty much hoping that just like they're multiple futures that presented Hope as either a messiah or a destroyer, that someone would find and bring young Bishop to the present day and shape him into a hero. Even with the evil one sticking around, somewhere out there.I'm liking how they built in some acceleration to Hope's aging, while keeping her from becoming at least a teen with manifested powers too soon. It keeps the reasoning for reduced mutant numbers around a lot longer and makes that status quo shake up something that lasted a good while. I'm liking the gradual build up of Hope as a character instead of the tendency to steamroll some teen sidekick into titles, but one thing I will eventually want (no rush Marvel, after revealing Wolvie's past after so long, you're allowed to have another long reaching secret - this one is only worthy for a year or two more though) an explanation for what made her a mutant despite Wanda's spell....and just for kicks, have Hope be mentored by Wade Wilson for a brief spell. :cable: :dead:


How about this: the next arc [reintroduces] some classic X-Men characters, ones I know and love from my own boyhood. Classic characters who have lots and lots of teeth."considering the next arc takes place in space, it´s gonna be the Brood! CABLE # 18 The Story: Some call space the “final frontier.” But for time-traveling mutant soldier Cable and Hope — the so-called “mutant messiah” — space is their last and only chance at survival. The Earth is dead, thanks to their foe Bishop, and if Hope is going to make it to adulthood, she’s going to have to do it in the cold, lonely vacuum of space, alone except for dark forces that know she’s coming. Forces which are very, very hungry… Rated T …$2.99 In Stores: Sep 2, 2009 looking forward to it! :x-men:


:cable: Cool plot and I enjoy the new art by Gulacy hopefully he sticks around. Olivetti's art was to faded and all characters looked like gumby really long and thin


I love this storyline!!!I hope Cable is eventually able to fix his time machine, regain his mutant powers, fight off the TO virus, return to the past, and, unfortunately I must say......kill Bishop.....oh yeah, and save Hope too!and I must say, although it's killing him, Cable looks kick-ass with the TO virus covering his body!!! :cable: