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TGIF: Dark X-Men

Find out what villains Paul Cornell, Marc Sumerak and others would recruit for Norman Osborn's X-Men team

By Ben Chabala & Ben Morse

Over the last few weeks, Marvel's Mightiest Mutants have gotten a dose of the Dark Reign big-time with the debut of the Dark X-Men.

While Norman Osborn's answer to the Children of the Atom includes some shades of grey heroes like Emma Frost, Cloak and Dagger, out-and-out bad dudes such as Mimic and Daken also fill out the ranks. That got us thinking: what other X-Men baddies should be jockeying for a spot with this group?

As always when such a scintillating survey enters our minds, we turned to Marvel's editors and creators for their take.

It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.



PAUL CORNELL (writer of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13): Sauron.  I'd just love to see him sitting in on a meeting with his beak and enormous eyebrows.  And Norman would want him to call himself something else now, because of the copyright issues. And he'd keep on absorbing power from everyone around the table, with Weapon Omega having to quietly absorb it right back. It's the comedy of manners more than anything else, that's what I've always enjoyed about Sauron.


NICK LOWE (Marvel editor): If only Mammomax were alive, it'd be great to have him!

ALEJANDRO ARBONA (Marvel assistant editor): I nominate an evil scientific genius with a giant head, tiny arms, and no body-that's right, the vastly underrated Sugar Man from Age of Apocalypse! He comes from an alternate timeline in which Apocalypse rules the Earth, but all he really truly wants to do party and have fun, you guys. He's a cool fella who'll

Sugar Man

show you a good time if you just give him a chance. And sure he may smell a little funny-it's hard to wash his giant head with those four tiny arms-but that doesn't mean he's a bad teammate who doesn't have a lot to offer.

STEVE SCOTT (upcoming artist of X-MEN FOREVER): Unus the Untouchable!

MARC SUMERAK (writer of WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS): I think Cain Marko, aka the Juggernaut , would be a perfect fit for the Dark X-Men line-up. The team doesn't really have a full-blown physical powerhouse, and Juggernaut is as strong as they come. As he constantly reminds his opponents, "nothing can stop him"! Juggy has been a long time X-villain, but he's also tried to reform on several occasions, serving alongside both the X-Men and Excalibur for limited stints. Depending on which way the wind is blowing this week, Cain could use the Dark X-Men as a legitimate opportunity to try for redemption once again, or he could join


Norman Osborn's crew simply to help disgrace the legacy of his own half-brother, X-Men founder Charles Xavier. Either way, he wins and everyone in his path loses!

JORDAN WHITE (Marvel assistant editor): Dark Artie. He would be a teenager and all goth, so he's constantly conjuring up images of depressing things.


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      Sugar Man - man, haven't heard of him in a looong time!I'd love Gambit to be in it - he is the epitome of "dark X-MAN