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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Firestar

How is the microwaves-wielding mutant coping with her life's latest trials?

By Tim Stevens

Angelica Jones is an adult female of above average physical fitness. A self-identified mutant, she has spent the majority of her adolescent and adulthood as the costumed hero Firestar, serving first on the mutant team known as the Hellions, and then later the New Warriors as well as the Avengers. Recently she has retired from the field. While she does don her costume now and again for special missions, she has largely elected to cease day-to-day acts of costumed intervention.

While the client is well-known and well-regarded within the field, this has proven a burden to her for most of her life. When she initially began to develop powers, she fell under the tutelage of Emma Frost who attempted to manipulate Jones into becoming a personal assassin of sorts. While Jones was able to escape this trap, she lost a place to belong in the process.

She languished for a time, unable to find a direction, until she was approached by Night Thrasher to be part of the New Warriors. These years proved to be the most definitive in her development as she met lifelong friends and her first love, fellow mutant Vance Astrovik, who was known as Marvel Boy at the time and now goes by the name of Justice. It was not a period devoid of tragedy, however, as Astrovik was convicted of negligent homicide and served a light prison sentence. The client's father was shot and nearly died from his wounds. She also experienced physical and emotional trauma in battle and discovered that her mutant ability was poisoning her, slowly rendering her infertile.

Recent times have proven equally difficult. The client was not involved in the Stamford incident responsible for the so-called superhuman "Civil War," but she did know several of the participants and continues to mourn their demise-the original Night Thrasher and Namorita-and devastated mental health-the former Speedball, now known as Penance. The client was also forced to confront a former teammate, Hindsight Lad, who was "outing" New Warriors to the public and thus endangering their lives.

Jones saw her relationship with Astrovik fall apart in the wake of her revelation that despite agreeing to be married, she was not prepared to take that step. Despite the two having made amends, she remains disappointed by the sequence of events and how quickly Astrovik began a

new romantic relationship.

Finally, most recently and most devastatingly, Jones was diagnosed with early stage cancer. While the cause is not known at this time, the client has expressed some belief that the source of her illness lies with her mutant abilities. This further fuels an already strong ambivalence towards her "gift" and her life as a super hero. While it has bought her many opportunities, it has also caused her much heartache and robbed her of many "normal" developmental experiences. As she puts it: "While I should have been trying out for the basketball team, I was fighting Terrax. When prom came, I was stuck traveling through time."

Going forward, the client and the writer will be exploring this ambivalence and hopefully coming to terms with both the successes and failures that came with the life of a teenage super hero. Additionally, the writer will work with Jones to keep a strong, healthy attitude as the treatment for her illness begins and progresses. If necessary, the client would also like to explore various approaches to coping skills if the treatment does make her ill, as is often the case in chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Finally,

the client has requested on working on sharpening her communication skills as she has often said nothing rather than express her feelings and wants to be sure to let people know how she feels about them and what they mean to her if she is unable to beat her illness.

Angelica Jones' next appointment will be with Doctors Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Tonci Zonjic on August 12. Please see the file marked MARVEL DIVAS #2 for further information.

Tim Stevens is a Mental Health Supervisor currently pursuing his Psy D. who has experience working with individuals who have experienced great trauma in their youth.

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