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Heaven's on Fire: Ghost Riders on the Storm

Writer Jason Aaron pits not one but two Spirits of Vengeance against a renegade angel hell-bent on destruction

Preview art by Roland Boschi
By Jim Beard

When Heaven itself's on fire, it's time to ride the storm and go out in a blaze of glory. Writer Jason Aaron intends to do just that, and he's taking brothers Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch with him!

Aaron's bringing his fan-favorite run on the GHOST RIDER series to a gear-grinding end, kicking it off with GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE #1. Due August 8, it's the first part of a six-issue limited series that's destined to become the ultimate Ghost Rider saga.

"I'm still just trying to tell the same crazy-ass Ghost Rider stories I've been telling since I took over the series," Aaron says of the project's goals. "I think HEAVEN'S ON FIRE works not only as the culmination of my two-year run on the book, but also a relatively stand-alone story that readers can pick up even if they've haven't been reading GHOST RIDER."

Renegade angel Zadkiel, scourge of Heaven and terrifying opponent of the Ghost Riders, rears his ugly head once again in the story, this time seeking to curtail Biblical prophecy. His mission? Kill the Anti-Christ. Johnny and Danny's mission? Stop him!

"Things aren't so rosy between the brothers Ghost Rider," explains Aaron. "When issue #1 opens, Danny and Johnny don't want anything to do with each other. But as the story unfolds we'll see that if they're going to defeat the renegade angel Zadkiel and save the world, they're gonna have to re-learn how to work together.

Preview art by
Roland Boschi

"It won't be pretty."

Precious little in the world of the Ghost Riders could ever be mistaken for pretty, and that includes the focal point of HEAVEN'S ON FIRE: a child who would be the downfall of mankind. Aaron finds the challenge of presenting a concept that's instilled fear in humanity for countless centuries a heady one.

"Our version of the Anti-Christ is the result of a Satanic breeding program where the worst elements of humanity have been bred to create the ultimate evil," he notes. "I'm writing him as a character with legs, so hopefully this incarnation will stick around for a while. Assuming Son of Satan doesn't get his way, of course."

You read him right, folks: Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan, hero and villain in one, joins the Ghost Riders for their last ride with Aaron at the helm. But with the chaos spawned by two flame-headed hotshots and a fallen angel all angling for the Anti-Christ, nothing about the visit comes easily.

"Son of Satan is a great character to write, because on the one hand he rebels against everything his father wants, but on the other hand, he's still his father's son," Aaron suggests. "So there's always the chance he could fly off the handle and burn everyone around him to a crisp. His goal in HEAVEN'S ON FIRE is to get his hands on the Anti-Christ, not to save him, but to kill him before anybody else gets the chance."

Preview art by Roland Boschi
Other than the introduction to the Marvel Universe of the Anti-Christ, who Aaron has christened "Kid Blackheart," readers of GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE will be treated to a bevy of unique characters, all vying for your attention.

"Later in the series we'll see the return of lots of characters from Ghost Rider's past, as well as some folks he's never crossed paths with, like Master Pandemonium, the man with demons for arms, and Jaine Cutter, an occult terrorist created by Warren Ellis in the pages of HELLSTORM," Aaron promises.

And of course, this limited series cannot exist with mere words alone. Aaron will be joined by artist Roland Boschi, a name that steadfast GHOST RIDER cycle-spotters will recognize.

"Roland did a great job getting my GHOST RIDER run started off right back in our 'Hell Bent and Heaven Bound' arc, so I love that he's on board to help me finish up my run," says Aaron. "And if you thought the redneck ghosts and gun-toting nurses that Roland drew back then were crazy, just wait until you see his versions of the Orb and Big Wheel and Scarecrow, not to mention his take on Son of Satan."

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      [quote@Miles_Warren I am a big fan of Ghost Rider and I'll be buying this mini-series for sure. Just please don't call the anti-christ "kid-Blackheart"[/quote] -------------------------- the antichrist is going to be a peacemaker and the antichrist is the son of the devil the antichrist is the son of the devil's advocate and a virgin human female and ps the antichrist is not related to the devil at all the antichrist is gonna bring world peace and if he gets killed the devil will use the antichrist dead body for destruction so i repeat don't kill the antichrist while he is a peacemaker cause if anyone does the apocalypse will start.[quote] [/quote]


      I am a big fan of Ghost Rider and I'll be buying this mini-series for sure. Just please don't call the anti-christ "kid-Blackheart