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Marvel One on One

Watch Marvel One on One: Brian Bendis Pt. 2

Brian Bendis returns to the One on One set to talk about Captain America, Ronin, Luke Cage and the rest of the New Avengers

Writer Brian Michael Bendis goes one on one with us to go in-depth about his hit series NEW AVENGERS.

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The question about why Luke was no longer the leader was really not answered though. Sure he was never an official leader, but no one can kid me that everyone there (and here) saw him as having the leadership role; therefore the question still remains, "Why did you decide to take leadership from Luke and give it to Clint?" I don't see it as a deep question to answer, as Clint has more years as an Avenger AND former official leadership positions on multiple versions of the team than anyone else, but now the 'dodge' (and the slightly nauseating way the exchange occurred) makes me feel Luke got a raw deal - still viewed by the very writer that was elevating his prominence as a second stringer character.One sensible thing for sure is that they didn't toss Bucky the reigns just because he was now Cap, and it was MESSED UP even to offer Carol the reigns after she was hunting most of them down a couple [MU time] months earlier. Would've been hilarious for them to look to Spidey for leadership though.


Heh, I wonder if Bucky will always be called "BuckyCap" as long as he holds the mantle. I call him BuckyCap also o.O