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San Diego Comic-Con 2009

SDCC 2009: Deathlok Returns

Marvel's favorite cyborg reboots in an all-new Marvel Knights limited series from Charlie Huston and Lan Medina

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By Tim Stevens

Fans of Marvel's cult favorite cyborg Deathlok have gone for quite some time without a fix; coming in November, courtesy of writer Charlie Huston and artist Lan Medina, their wait ends as DEATHLOK #1, the first installment of a seven-issue limited series, hits shelves.

"We've been eager to get this out for some time," says editor Axel Alonso. "It's always the right time for Deathlok. Ask my son, Tito.  I mean, he's half man, half robot and he shoots people."

"[He's a] conflicted cyborg killer in an apocalyptic landscape," echoes Huston. "I don't need much more than that."

DEATHLOK preview art by Lan Medina
However, readers may not initially recognize this latest incarnation of the Marvel hero as the series places him in a new setting-this time out Deathlok calls the near future his home. In this era, war has become the ultimate reality show and soldiers, like the wildly popular Mike Travers and his grounded commanding officer Luther Manning, have become stars. However, their ascent to celebrity quickly grinds to a halt when Travers becomes a bit too flashy and both pay the price. Then, the story really begins.

"Manning is fairly consistent with the classic [Rich] Buckler/[Doug] Moench creation," divulges Benson. "Though [he is] a bit more stoic and less prone to slang. A professional soldier's professional soldier. Travers is a showboat, a ratings grabber. So there's natural friction between the two. When the Deathlok is created, they find themselves literally stuck with one another and forced to adapt.

"I had been thinking a great deal about military contractors and the endgame of that kind of warfare. Deathlok lent itself to that kind of story.  Any commentary takes the form of satire rather than a pointed expression of opinion. [It is a] science fiction action adventure with a broad streak of black satire."

Alonso reassures people that, regardless of location, this will deliver a story recognizable to fans as a authentic Deathlok tale.

DEATHLOK preview art by Lan Medina
"Just like he did with Moon Knight, Charlie boiled Deathlok down to his core and came up with a unique take on the character," the editor explains.

"I've used many of the namesakes from the original ASTONISHING TALES run [where Deathlok was introduced," reveals Huston. "Doctor Hellinger, Linc Shand, Godwulf.  In many cases the names have been applied to entirely new characters, in others the role the characters play may have expanded or contracted."

Of course, the limited series would not be possible without a talented artist to bring Huston's vision to life. According to both Alonso and Huston, Lan Medina has more than fit the bill.

"Lan's work is amazing," the writer simply states.

"Lan's art is meticulously detailed," echoes Alonso. "He builds a new world unlike any you've seen in comics."


For all the latest news, announcements and interviews, plus live panel blogging, video features and much more, visit Marvel.com's San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Hub Page!

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      In contrary, I would know how to feet Deathlok in the current Marvel Universe...there are the Reavers to fight, Ultron, the Dreadnought, all the mechanicals menaces...it's really no problem.But I like Huston' work and I'm interested by his sci-fi take-on.


      A lot of interesting books coming out from the Marvel Knights section of the MU. (Moon Knight, Doctor Voodoo, Ghost Rider and now this). Marvel may just have me broke by the end of all this. Keep it up lol


      Wow, this looks amazing... I fraking love deathlok!! hopefully they make this ongoing, I was pissed off when they canceled his last series. Good to see Marvel going back and pulling out my favorite underrated characters out of the trash (Moon Knight, Nova, Darkhawk to name a few) Cant wait