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San Diego Comic-Con 2009

SDCC 2009: Daniel Acuna Joins the X-Men

The artist brings his special skills to Marvel's mutants as the new ongoing artist on X-MEN LEGACY

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By Kevin Mahadeo

The mighty mutants of X-MEN LEGACY gain a new member this fall when Daniel Acuna joins the title as ongoing artist beginning with September's X-MEN LEGACY ANNUAL #1.

"The first time I saw Daniel's stuff, I just remember being blown away," says X-Men editor Nick Lowe. "We brought him over to Marvel and he did an unbelievable run on ETERNALS. His art just sang on that book, and I knew I wanted him in the X-Office."

Acuna's uncanny skills first bamfed into the mutant arena with UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #2, where he provided art for the flashback scenes involving Emma Frost. However, his first experience in the mutant world came as a young fan when he purchased his very first comic book: the 1982 graphic novel GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS, which he instantly loved.

"I love the drama of these characters, marginalized and outcast by society," says Acuna. "They've always made the X-Men very different and interesting characters."

LEGACY features a large, rotating cast of characters, a fact Acuna enjoys as it will give him a chance to draw many different characters with well-defined personalities on a regular basis. The book does star one concrete protagonist, the power-absorbing Rogue; although Acuna admits the southern beauty may not be his favorite X-Man, he does find her a very deep and interesting character.

"I'm just going to try and treat her as she deserves, doing my best possible work," says Acuna. "Being able to design her new suit, of course, has made me closer to the character, and that always helps. Visually, I don't really like her yellow and green suit. I think it's outdated and that it doesn't fit the character emotionally. Sometimes the character hasn't been so lucky with her suit's redesigns, but I love the suit she used when she was a villain. For me, the colors that fit her and define her the best are white and green."

Lowe says that Acuna's detailed character work also makes him a perfect fit the villain entering the book along with him: long-time Generation X foe Emplate. The editor also feels Acuna's beautiful backgrounds bring a

sense of "painterly maturity" that makes the comic feel like a real world.

"When you have a book like X-MEN LEGACY, you really need someone that can nail down the environments and play with the interesting and cool things that [writer] Mike Carey does with the story," explains Lowe. "I think they're a really good match and Daniel's art grounds Mike's writing in a way that I think people are really going to be impressed with."

In addition to working with Carey and getting a chance to draw so many various characters, Acuna says that he enjoys working on LEGACY because "being part of a book with so many followers is a very special and important thing-and a great responsibility.

"A great series must come with great responsibility, as Uncle Ben would say," jokes Acuna. "I know these characters very well, and I think I understand them, so they play to my strengths."


For all the latest news, announcements and interviews, plus live panel blogging, video features and much more, visit Marvel.com's San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Hub Page!

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