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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: The Original X-Men

We look back on the very first Children of the Atom

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. 

The theme this week is the original X-Men to tie in with Marvel re-releasing the first Marvel Masterworks X-Men volume. Each pick this week focuses on charter X-Man, so whether you're a fan of Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast or Jean Grey, these stories have a little something for everybody. Be sure to check them out!


By Stephanie Simone


Taking a leave of absence from the X-Men, Cyclops finds himself in quite the bind against D'spayre, who uses his power to drive Scott Summers to the brink of sorrow and despair. Do these hallucinations succeed in breaking Cyclops' spirits? Man-Thing also makes a guest appearance, but does he help Cyclops or does he hinder his efforts? So many roadblocks so little time, it will take a little faith and a lot of optic blasts to get our hero out of this one.


X-MEN: FIRST CLASS #5 (2006)
X-MEN: FIRST CLASS #5 (2006)
The X-Men go up against...a frost giant?! A special appearance by Thor brings the X-Men together to save Iceman from a myhtical creature that thrives on his mutant power. Can the Thunder God put Bobby Drake in his place and prevent another future frost giant? The X-Men really find themselves up against the elements this time.





Before the X-Men, teenage Warren Worthington III attended St. Joseph's Prep School, where he excelled at sports, had a beautiful girlfriend and just broke an Olympic record; but something has gone wrong. Everybody's teenage years bring growing pains, but Warren's prove anything but normal. Can his nightmares hold the key to what's going on inside or will they eat him alive?




AVENGERS #14 (1998)

AVENGERS #14 (1998)
Beast visits Avengers mansion and gets a little more than he bargained for! Hank McCoy wants the good times to roll and to cheer up his old teammate Wonder Man, but his visit gets interrupted by an unwelcomed guest.With Thor absent and Captain America preoccupied, can the bouncing Beast aid Earth's Mightiest Heroes against the power of Pagan?



One of the most powerful mutants went through so much pain and trauma early in her childhood. Jean Grey, the future Marvel Girl, trained with Professor Xavier to manage her gifts, but her path never proved easy. When Jean ditches the team for a mission of her own, Will she control her powers or let her powers control her?


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