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Preview: Black Panther #7

Heroes have fallen, old alliances have been betrayed, the country is in turmoil.

COVER BY: Paul Renaud
WRITER: Reginald Hudlin
PENCILS: Will Conrad
INKS: Will Conrad
COLORED BY: Peter Pantazis
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit

Wakanda has been attacked on every front. Heroes have fallen, old alliances have been betrayed, the country is in turmoil. Now is the time for the new Black Panther to rise and make a stand against threats both foreign and domestic. "Power" is a bold new direction for the Panther, written by celebrated producer-director Reginald Hudlin and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry (Patient Zero, PUNISHER: NAKED KILL). New game, new rules, and lots of surprises as the new Black Panther is set on a collision course with one of the Marvel Universe's most feared and powerful beings. Rated T ...$2.99

IN STORES: August 5, 2009

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      1) I'm enjoying the series so far2) Obama is back on the pages


      I'm glad it i can look back at this and remember that I didn't see the sense in drawing out revealing who the next Black Panther would be at the end of a six issue arc. They let us know who it would be around half way and then put her in action with the twist in its take and all; and I had stated the only female character I could have seen this being was always T'Chala's sister. The 'panther god' apparently didn't endorse her but she still rose to the occasion. I didn't see the stepping down as necessary, but it opens and revisits the themes of political intrigue that a previous incarnation of this book was highly praised for (and it helps that they used such crisp, clear, high end artwork where a lot of fringe series seemed to get muddled experimental, quirky or second rate art treatment). T'Chala will always be the Panther in my eyes, and will probably have the mantle again eventually, but they are certainly going somewhere with this take and passing of the mantle, so I am enjoying the ride. Dunno how long the title of Princess Regent will suffice the head of state for Wakanda though, so I am concerned that even in taking Storm to this new role as Queen of a nation, her position and standing are already diminished. I'd think for once that, additionally with the slighting by the ole panther god, the position of Black Panther wouldn't have needed to both be warrior prime and Head of State this time, allowing Ororo to function as Queen while T'Chala recovered, even if not to take back the Black Panther mantle; but again, I trust the approach because it opens the extra long range plot in the book.