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Fantastic Four: Fantastic Foray

Writer Jonathan Hickman fields four key questions about everyone's favorite First Family of super heroes

FANTASTIC FOUR #570 preview art by Dale Eaglesham
By Jim Beard

It's not the first time you've heard it and it won't be the last: "A legendary comic enters a bold new era with a new creative team!" Yeah, but this is FANTASTIC FOUR and this is Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham. 'Nuff said.

If we must say more, let's call it out as FANTASTIC FOUR #570, arriving by cosmic rays directly into your hot little hands on August 26. And the story? A little thing Hickman calls "Solve Everything."

Still not enough for you, Fantastic Fans? How about four quick questions with the man who now directs Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and that idol o' millions himself, the Thing, through their pronounced paces?

We thought you'd dig that. Onward and upward!

Question #1: Looks like the Fantastic Four's all together in a new adventure in your first issue; what's their status quo as the story begins, as both a family and a team of legendary heroes?

FANTASTIC FOUR #570 preview art by Dale Eaglesham
Hickman says: "They remain, as always, a family-not too much you can do about that, nor should we, nor would I want to. I love that about the book. As far as 'hero-status'...that's a more complicated question.

"Reed, specifically, has been featured prominently for the last couple of years in the Marvel Universe. And for such a morally uncomplicated guy, he's been doing what some might consider, questionable, possibly even un-heroic, things. I'm referring here to Civil War and [his time with] the Illuminati, the cost of which has been steep for both himself, and for others. And here I'm referring to Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. 

Question #2: Reed thinks he can "solve everything"; what's the reaction from his teammates to this pronouncement? Is this just another day with Reed or something special?

Hickman says: "For now, I'll say that I feel like it's time for the answers to many lingering questions and for moving forward. So, you know, we'll do that."

Question #3: We get a peek into Reed's childhood in the story; how did his own early family life shape his being both the leader and the "dad" of the FF?

Hickman says: "Well, all men are sons, right? So, it's fair to say 'In every way possible.'"

FANTASTIC FOUR #570 preview art by Dale Eaglesham
Question #4: What's your single most favorite visual scene or moment from Dale Eaglesham in FANTASTIC FOUR #570, and why? 

Hickman says: "Uh, can't tell you my favorite, or my second favorite, because it would spoil the issue. I did really like the father-son stuff Dale did. Both he and [colorist] Paul [Mounts] nailed it; it's a scene about nostalgia, and that's difficult to pull off. So, well done, boys!"

There you have it! There'll be more questions-and maybe even a few answers-this August 26 in FANTASTIC FOUR #570!

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      [color=seagreen] Yeah, looks good.I love it when they remember the family (and fun) aspect of the F4.[/color]


      This could be good, I'm liking the look of the art.


      :marvelgirl: :marvelgirl: :marvelgirl:


      I know I had such high hopes for the last group that managed the book. And it turned out to be a major let down. Hopefully this one will do right by our heroes.