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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: The Black Widow

We take a look at some famous adventures of the fiery femme fatale

Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. 

The theme this week is the Black Widow to tie in with Marvel releasing the BLACK WIDOW: THE STING OF THE WIDOW hardcover. Each pick this week focuses on Natasha Romanoff and her exploits so be sure to check them out!


By Ben Chabala

The Black Widow, Avenger, and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., hasn't always been one of the good guys.  As a matter of fact Miss Romanoff used to be a Russian super spy and her first appearance pitted her against the awesome might of the Invincible Iron Man.  Sent to the United States to retrieve defected scientist Ivan Venko, aka the Crimson Dynamo, Natasha and her comrade Boris turn Tony Stark's world upside down.  The duplicitous duo infiltrates Stark Industries and while Natasha seduces Tony, Boris kidnaps Venko and steals his Crimson Dynamo armor.  Will Iron Man be able to rebound against his Russian rivals?


Madame Natasha, the beautiful and wealthy New York socialite, guards an astonishing secret: she's actually the costumed super heroine known the world over as the Black Widow!  In an attempt to put her less than sterling past behind her, the fiery redhead makes herself a new costume and sets out to prove that while she may have Spider-Man's powers, she's not playing second fiddle to anyone.  Unfortunately, the webslingled isn't having the best of days and his powers seem to be on the fritz when the Widow strikes. Who will come out victorious in this arachnid assault?

DAREDEVIL #81 (1963)
Who would have thought that the first meeting between the Black Widow and Daredevil would take place underwater?  Well that's the case after a battle with the nefarious Owl leaves the Man Without Fear sinking to the bottom of the Hudson River.  The Black Widow spots the Hell's Kitchen hellion drowning and comes to his rescue, saving him from a dark wet grave, but does Daredevil thank his savior?  No, the hero sprints off into the night, his mind focused on one thing: the capture of the Owl. However, before the adventure concludes, Matt Murdock will have more on his mind than just the bad guy as romantic sparks fly between him and his sultry savior! 

In this issue learn the origin of the Champions, a super group composed of some of the most eclectic members of the Marvel Universe.  When entities ripped straight from Greek mythology begin teleporting into Los Angeles, Iceman, Angel, Ghost Rider, Hercules, and the Black Widow join forces to beat back the strange invaders.  While Iceman and Angel battle the horrific harpies, Ghost Rider tears into Cerberus, the guardian of Hades.  Black Widow finds herself defending Venus from a host of angry amazons and Hercules uses his mighty strength to subdue the maniacal mutates.  Do the newly formed Champions have what it takes to fight off the entire Greek pantheon?


BLACK WIDOW #1 (1999)
BLACK WIDOW #1 (1999)
Wait, there are two Black Widows?  That's right, as if giving the world one sexy super-spy wasn't enough, Russia's Red Room has just created another femme fatale, and this one's blonde.  A bit younger than Natasha, Yelena Belova answers only to Mother Russia and doesn't appreciate the original Black Widow's defection to the United States.  The two girls have both been tasked seperately to retrieve a biological weapon from Rhapastan,  pitting them against one another in the catfight of all catfights.  The two Widows battle soldiers, helicopters, and each other in a mad race to return the biological weapon to their employers, but who will win?  Read on and find out!


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