Tim Gunn Carries on at Marvel

The "Project Runway" co-host makes a Mighty Marvel appearance!



Margarita Vaisman is Marvel.com's Senior Fashion Correspondent. She goes where no fashionista has gone before, exploring styles and trends within the Marvel Universe and beyond. (Photos by Judith Stephens)


MODELS INC. Tim Gunn Variant
The East Coast Marvel office got a special treat this afternoon when fashion consultant, television personality, and taste-maker Tim Gunn stopped by!

What was the cause for his visit? Did it have anything to do with the comic that he'll be featured in early next month, Models Inc.? Did it have anything to do with "Project Runway," the enormously popular fashion design reality show he co-hosts with Heidi Klum? Did he share any style tips? Did he tell the folks at Marvel to "Make it work?"

Tim Gunn
with Marvel's

We can't tell you anything. Well, okay, maybe we can tell you a couple of things. Maybe Tim Gunn came by to get a tour of the offices. Maybe he got a behind-the-scenes look at how comics are made and the
Tim Gunn recreates his variant cover
different areas of Marvel Entertainment. And maybe, just maybe he taped an exclusive Marvel Style interview, coming soon to Marvel.com!

In the meantime, check out some pics from Tim Gunn's visit!

Carry on!

Look for the special Tim Gunn variant MODELS INC. in comic stores September 9.

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