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Whiplash Tears Into Iron Man this November

Learn a little more about the villain Whiplash before he makes his big-screen debut in "Iron Man 2."



Whiplash character design by Marko Djurdjevic

By Ryan Penagos

As Tony Stark heads back to the big screen for "Iron Man 2," he brings with him a host of new problems and big enemies. One particularly painful thorn in his side will bethe armor-clad, energy whip-wielding villain known as Whiplash. To get you up to speed on all things Whiplash, Marvel's kicking off a four-issue IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH limited series beginning in November.

"Before he flays the metal off of Tony Stark's hide in 'Iron Man 2,' this is every True Believer's chance to crawl inside the twisted head of the wicked Whiplash," boasts Editor Bill Rosemann. "If it's jet-setting, globe-trotting, eye-popping action you crave, IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH will make you believe that Tony Stark is indeed a cool exec with a heart of steel...and Whiplash is the fiend that will break it!”

IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH #1 cover by Brandon Peterson
WRITERS: Brannon Bragga & Marc Guggenheim
PENCILS: Phil Briones
COVER: Brandon Peterson
Before he strikes in "Iron Man 2," meet the all-new, all-different, all-deadly Whiplash in this special in-continuity adventure! Who is Anton Vanko and why does he blame Tony Stark for the murder of thousands? For that matter, why does the United Nations? Brannon Bragga (TV's "24") and Marc Guggenheim (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and artist Phil Briones (SUB-MARINER: REVOLUTION) have the answers!
32 PGS./Rated T+…$3.99
On sale 11/4/09

Stay glued to Marvel.com for continued updates on IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH, the "Iron Man 2" movie and much more!


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I just care that it,s in SOME continuity, rather than some lame elseworlds story.


I think I'll check it out Iron Man has been pretty good lately.


Meh.It only used to take 1 issue to beat him.


[quote@professorhulk There only doing this becouse of the movie yknow. I dnt think im gonna get this.[/quote] If you are talking to me I know it is for the movie. I am just not sure what continuity it is in. In the comics Anton Vanko was the first Crimson Dynamo and now is dead so it couldn't really be in this continuity. But in the movies Mickey Rourke's character is named Ivan Vanko, not Anton, so I am confused as to how this book would fit into the movie continuity. If anybody has any explanation please help me out.


There only doing this becouse of the movie yknow. I dnt think im gonna get this.


When it says in-continuity, in-continuity to what? The comics or the movies?