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FIRST LOOK: Punisher Annual #1

The Punisher faces his greatest challenge yet: Spider-Man's gone psycho and he wants to grind Frank Castle's bones to dust!

PUNISHER ANNUAL #1 cover by Jason Pearson

To celebrate one year of Punisher goodness, the PUNISHER ANNUAL #1 pits Frank Castle against a psychotic webcrawler.  Enjoy some preview pages of this awesome issue courtesy of Marvel.com

COVER BY: Jason Pearson
WRITER: Rick Remender
PENCILS: Jason Pearson
INKS: Jason Pearson
COLORED BY: Dave Stewart

"REMOTE CONTROL" The Punisher faces his greatest challenge yet: Trapped in the throes of a hypnotic spell, Spider-Man's gone psycho and he wants to grind Frank Castle's bones to paste! And since Spidey's not really to blame for his actions, Castle faces a dilemma: Fight (the only way he knows how) or die. Can the Punisher survive a bloodthirsty Wall-Crawler long enough to disconnect him from the control of the Dirty Dozen's leaders, Letha and Lascivious? Super-star artist Jason Pearson joins regular series writer Rick Remender. Parental Advisory ...$3.99

IN STORES: September 23, 2009

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      Second time this year that Spidey's been under under someone's hypnotic control.That I can think of.


      It has no words and it's still exciting! So glad I pulled this. And Frank's got sick toys now too, but having 3 hevyweights trying to kill you is going to test that aresenal.


      love what I'm seeing, Punisher vs Spider-Man