Amazing Spider-Man: Mary Jane's Story

It’s time to catch up with Spidey’s redheaded ex in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #605



By Marc Strom

Mary Jane may have returned to Peter Parker's life last month, but the question of where she's kept herself since we last saw her remains a mystery. But in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #605 on September 16, writer Fred Van Lente pulls back the curtain to reveal Mary Jane's tale in a special epilogue to the current "Red-Headed Stranger" storyline.

Van Lente, one of the first of Spidey's regular writers charged with bringing MJ back into the series, says he felt "a sense of responsibility" when it came to handling the character's reintroduction.

"When my involvement with this story was first announced, I got some very heartfelt letters from readers who expressed how upset they were that MJ and Pete's marriage ended, and they hoped we would treat Mary Jane's return with respect," the writer remembers. "The whole Web Head team loves Mary Jane and as a group we wanted to bring [her] back to the prominence she deserves in Peter's life, both in the main "Red-Headed Stranger" issues as well as this one, which is basically a standalone epilogue that focuses solely on Mary Jane."

While this story won't cover everything Mary Jane's done since she and Peter broke up, it will cast a significant amount of light on her recent adventures.

"This fills in what she's been up to since we last saw her in Dan Slott and Marcos Martin's 'Paper Doll' storyline up until her dramatic return on the last page of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #600," explains Van Lente. "We'll learn why she returns to New York and gain a little more insight into why she left for Los Angels in the first place."

Readers have already caught a glimpse of the newly returned Mary Jane in the last couple issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and according to Van Lente she's changed quite a bit since we last saw her.

"Now that she's single again, Mary Jane is going back to being a fun-loving free-spirit," the writer remarks. "But she's definitely not the responsibility-averse party girl she was before she moved in with Pete. A breakup is a pretty traumatic thing, and MJ has been affected by it as much as Peter has. How and how much is a big part of the lead story in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #605."

Beyond Mary Jane, Van Lente promises a number of other familiar faces will pop up in one form or another during the story.

"Well, there's Bobby Carr, the movie star Mary Jane [had] been dating since 'Paper Doll,'" Van Lente reveals. "Spider-Man/Peter Parker makes a brief appearance in flashback. [And] all those letters you keep writing Marvel demanding Mary Jane face off against the psychedelic super-villainess the White Rabbit? Well, you can stop now, because it happens in this issue.

"And everyone who e-mails me naming the two utterly pointless Steve Gerber Man-Thing references in this issue wins a No-Prize."

Leaving off, Van Lente teased fans that while they'll get a few of their questions answered in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #605, they may walk off with more remaining"

"Though you'll know more than you did before this issue, I should stress this is not the story of exactly how Mary Jane and Peter broke up-that's a tale for others to tell in the near future."


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I like MJ alot as a character... Have seen her developed from day 1 till the point the marriage dissolved.. after that it was just a pain to read through ASM given how everything I've read over the years went down the drain... Not going to be a complainer so I'll say that I read through some of the stories such as New ways to die and the recent Menace ones but still missing quite a lot of ground. Now, Dark Reign(DR) got me reading again especially how now Norman Osborn is no longer that psycho lunatic goblin but a kick ass villain. Hmm.. well maybe still a psycho lunatic but no longer laughing crazily... haha... I love Iron Man's current story that is tied up to DR. But that's a little off topicSo I'd probably get this stand alone issue just for MJ's back story alone. I am also glad to hear that most of her character development is still intact. I question the break-up whether it's the break up in marriage or the normal one that is suppose to be canon in Brand New Day. Hopefully more light will be shed in the comic. I guess what I want to know most is how much MJ knows or if she even remembers the pact with Mephisto. So hopefully these questions will get resolved soon. As for Spider-man he will always be my favourite superhero and I hope at least he gets everything shown in the end of Spectacular Spider-man #40.Shalom,Jonyw :wink: