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Daredevil #500: Behind the Scenes, Day 3

Celebrate the release of DAREDEVIL #500 with a series of special pin-ups and art explorations, perspective and more.

DAREDEVIL #500 variant cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto
Hey there, True Believer!  Warren Simons here. I'm the editor of DAREDEVIL, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and THOR, and next week sees the release of the massive-sized DAREDEVIL #500. This is the second gigantic, wonderful monstrosity of an anniversary issue I've been lucky enough to edit with my cohort Alejandro Arbona, and if you like comics, I think you'll really dig this one. We've got a 40-page story by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark (the final issue of their run!), a preview of DARK REIGN: THE LIST - DAREDEVIL by Andy Diggle and Billy Tan and a terrific backup story by acclaimed DD writer Ann Nocenti and all-around genius David Aja. Additionally, we've got an extremely cool cover gallery featuring all 500 issues of DAREDEVIL, as well as some brand new pin-ups we commissioned just for the occasion of this lovely anniversary issue.

Here on Marvel.com will be previewing some of these pin-ups-from both new and legendary DD creators alike-as well as some art from the issue, which I will be yammering on and on about.

Today we're taking a look at two pin-ups from DAREDEVIL #500, which goes on sale this week. The first is by writer/artist Brian Michael Bendis and the second comes courtesy of Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada.


Daredevil pin-up by Brian Michael Bendis
Brian Michael Bendis Pin-Up

While Brian Michael Bendis is known as one of the most prolific writers in our medium, he's also a talented artist who illustrated many books-including Jinx, Torso and Goldfish-before he began working at Marvel as a writer. Before I worked on DAREDEVIL, I was a big fan of Brian and Alex Maleev's run on the title, and I knew that I wanted Brian to be involved in some way, shape or form with issue #500. I thought it would be fun to have Brian illustrate a piece for the issue, and he did a wonderful job with it.

The Rafael Grampá pin-up we previewed last week had a unique take on DD's powers, and here Brian also makes great use of Matt's radar sense, in this case to illustrate some of the most important women in Matt's life. And I believe this is actually Brian's first illustration for Marvel, beautifully colored by Justin Ponsor. As an editor, I always take great pride when I can give a young artist a chance to make it in our medium, and I'm glad to give Brian his first break at Marvel.

Happy birthday, Brian!

Daredevil pin-up by Joe Quesada
Joe Quesada Pin-Up

If you haven't checked out Joe Quesada's DAREDEVIL FATHER, I would highly recommend it, and I'm not just saying that because Joe is my boss and the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel.  

While I'm not sure if DD is Joe Q's favorite Marvel character, it's clear from his work on DD-from relaunching the title with Kevin Smith to writing and drawing DD: FATHER-that he has a great affinity for the character. This beautiful pin-up, wonderfully colored by Richard Isanove, clearly captures that love.

Pick up DAREDEVIL #500, on sale August 19 and come back over the next few days for more pin-ups, pages and perspective from the landmark issue.


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Mister Quesada, with all respect ( figure of speech ) your cover is a wonderful piece of nothingness.