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Amazing Spider-Man: The Cat Comes Back

Prepare for the Black Cat's return by looking into the past of Spidey's former feline fling

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #606 cover by J. Scott Campbell
By Jim Beard

Like the proverbial bad penny the Black Cat turns up in Spider-Man's life at the worst moments-and often with the worst intentions!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #606, due out September 23, offers the newest wrinkle in the shared history between Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy, a curveball Peter never sees coming and one that, predictably, knocks him for a loop. But that's the Black Cat for you: a sexy siren for bad luck and mighty misadventures.

But, to know her is to love her and Spider-Man's found her an irresistible object more times than he can count. Pull up a litter box and let's take a pitter-patter through the Black Cat's greatest hits! Mee-ow!

"Never let the Black Cat cross your path!"-words Spider-Man would've been wise to heed. Confusion led to conflict as the costumed female fought him tooth and nail and then planted a big wet one right on his kisser. But the romantic moment shattered when Felicia then busted her father out of prison and buried Spidey in rubble for his trouble. Love hurts!




Though thought to be dead, the Black Cat came back and straight into the arms of Spider-Man. Unsure of his feelings, the hero watched in horror as Doctor Octopus gravely wounded Felicia in revenge for her damaging of his neutron bomb. A tearful Spidey rushed the Cat to the hospital and there at her bedside realized the full extent of his love for the courageous kitty.


Returned from the Secret Wars and victorious against the Spot, Spider-Man just wanted to get to the bottom of the Black Cat's bothersome bad-luck powers, powers given to her by the criminal Kingpin. Sick of secrets and their weight upon their already rocky relationship, Peter ultimately broke it off with Felicia and tried to put her behind him for good.



The Black Cat entered into a relationship with the sinister Foreigner to gain revenge on Peter, but the whole thing exploded in her face-literally. Her former and current lovers battled fiercely but Felicia's true motivations remained an enigma when she cleared Spider-Man of a trumped-up murder charge and then left on a cruise to ponder a new life without Peter.  


Now with Mary Jane, Spider-Man scratched his head over the Black Cat's new beau: Peter's old sparring partner Flash Thompson. Together, Spidey and Felicia scoured the city to track down a nest of villains and recover a device that would return the wall-crawler's stolen powers. Unfortunately, while Spider-Man's powers returned, the Black Cat lost hers and she again looked towards a new existence, hoping to spend it with Flash.

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      I want to see peters and felisha's relationship soar to new heights the spot light needs to be taken off MJ but seeing BC back brings lots of excitement ^^^^


      ... like "Evil That Men Do," which IS in continuity since your boy Joe Quesada has stated canonically that EVERYTHING is in continuity, post-OMD. So tell me how Black Cat references hers and Parker's past, but says she hasn't been back since they broke up? NOT TRUE - as "The Evil That Men Do" would attest to, and according to that book, they would be together now as a couple anyway. And while I'm on topic, Parker mentions that SHE dumped HIM! Which you guys clearly state above as not accurate either. Someone please slap the **** out of Quesada & Team and tell them to STOP F***ING WITH CONTINUITY!!! This is why you lost a bunch of loyal readers when they canceled all their subscriptions to the post-OMD Spidey books. Listen to your readers!!! Bottom line: KEEP CONTINUITY. Okay, so the marriage to MJ didn't happen. OK, but no, that's not it. Now suddenly EVERYTHING is out of whack and doesn't make sense. Quesada, you said you were going to explain this. Well........??? We are still waiting for you to explain. Any day now. No, really. We are not stupid, you know.GRRRRR. And who made the stupid-@$$ decision to sell out to Disney? I bet it was Quesada. And Stan Lee is PISSED. :apoc:


      [quote@cyw1988 Speaking of which did Marvel ever release a trade on all her guest appearances on all Spider-man comics?[/quote] I can't recall anything like that being released.


      This is good news... I saw some preview drawings awhile back but I never thought it'd be so soon. Glad to see that the Cat's coming back. PLUS, what a cover!!! Captures her boldness and sex appeal at the same time.. Can't Wait!!Speaking of which did Marvel ever release a trade on all her guest appearances on all Spider-man comics?


      Yes! I love the black cat. Can't wait for this!