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Fallen Son: Death of Captain America Visual Guide

By Ryan Penagos

America #25

When Captain America was gunned down after Civil War, the Marvel Universe turned a page. Living in a world without Captain America--the symbol of liberty, freedom and American strength--is turning out to be more difficult for many than they'd originally believed. Hit hardest by Cap's death are his peers, compatriots and even those he'd most recently fought against. Refusing to accept the truth, lashing out in anger, pleading for a better outcome, falling into depression and finally accepting the reality of the situation--these are the five stages of grief felt by the Marvel Universe.

Civil War:
The Confession

Taking up the task of elaborating on the stages in the pages of FALLEN SON: THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN AMERICA is Jeph Loeb, superstar writer of WOLVERINE and producer for ABC's Lost, a man who's very personal experiences with death and grief have given this story powerful gravitas and emotional resonance. Each issue of the five-issue mini-series not only focuses on a different stage of grief, but features a different group of characters and is penciled by a different artist, as well. The first issue, Denial by Leinil Francis Yu, puts the onus on Wolverine. The Avengers and Ed McGuinness take stage two, Anger. The third stage, Bargaining, is a Captain America tale by John Romita Jr. Marvel's original hard-luck hero, Spider-Man, is the star of the fourth book--Depression--by David Finch. Finally, Acceptance, the fifth issue by John Cassaday sees Iron Man and the rest of the Marvel U. say goodbye to Cap. And while FALLEN SON is the crux of this visual guide, we'll also spotlight other issues that touch upon Captain America's death, from the pivotal Captain America #25 to those that have yet to be revealed. Keep checking this page for updates. Added on 10/17/07: Fallen Son: Th Death of Captain America HC.
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