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Fan Expo Canada 2009

Fan Expo Canada '09: Pixie Goes Solo

December brings the popular young mutant to the forefront in her own limited series

By Tim Stevens

How often has this happened to you: you and your friends head out for night on the town when, quite suddenly, things go devilishly wrong?

In December's X-MEN: PIXIE STRIKES BACK limited series-brought to you by the critically-acclaimed RUNAWAYS team of writer Kathryn Immonen and Sara Pichelli-that aforementioned scenario becomes reality for Pixie and her friends, Mercury, Blindfold, X-23, and Armor. Except, this being the X-Men, things will likely be much more complicated than lost wallets and flat tires, and the writer could not be happier to put them through it.

"I love all these girls together," Immonen says. "Even though they're all full-fledged X-Men, they're still kids, some of them more than others. They are also sisters of a sort."

Describing the series in broad strokes, Immonen notes, "It's a story about friendship and lies and betrayal and deception.  About how you can make the wrong decision for the right reason and about how difficult it can ultimately be to forgive that. And if that's not enough, it's also about stabbing and brawling and torture and Cessily in a cheerleader uniform. And girls' bathrooms."

In the midst of this whirling chaos, Pixie stands on the precipice of some life-changing discoveries, including the possibility that her father, unknown to her, might be well-known in the Marvel Universe as a villain.

"Honestly 'villain' is such a black and white kind of word, don't you think," teases Immomen. "Even the Red Skull is somebody's little boy."

Pixie has been fairly well-battered since she first arrived on the scene, but has so far managed to survive with her cheery personality largely intact. Immonen points to this resilience as a large part of why the character has quickly caught on with fans.

"Despite missing a chunk of her soul and having been dragged to hell and back, she's still fundamentally upbeat and resilient," the writer explains. "I think it may be a bit of a relief for readers, frankly. She's also cute and funny. She tends to run her mouth, when she hasn't got her foot stuck in it.  It makes for good reading."

Of course, Immonen did not always feel that way"

"Initially it was exactly those things that I found to be the least interesting about her. So it was more interesting to think about those qualities, which have up until now been responsible for her success as an X-Man, as the potential  basis for her undoing, at least in this story.   I started to consider the possibility that her adaptability, her inclination to go with whatever is thrown at her, that these things could actually be liabilities. That she could be too willing to accept a situation with disastrous consequences."

Every good comic needs a strong artist and PIXIE comes as no exception as Immonen once again collaborates with her RUNAWAYS partner Sara Pichelli and knows that she, the character, and fans will be in good hands.

"I know that we're both anxious to stretch a little on this project and I can't wait to get going," she insists. "'Fortunate' doesn't begin to describe how I feel about being paired up with Sara again.  Pixie doesn't know how lucky she is."

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Maybe I missed something, but with X-23 and Armor also tagging along, why is the major announcement and selling point of the series Pixie? Is she really marketing THAT well without me knowing it? I'm not one to hate on her just because of the lame 'Hellion take-down' arc after he made the other experienced X-Men look like fools (I consider that more a poor creative choice and a lame depiction of the X-Men at the time than anything else), but I never saw her as having all this claim to fame. They went on ahead and even aged her in preparation for stardom, but I still believe at least X-23 and Armor could've been promoted just as much for this l.s. since they ARE going to be in it anyway. Mercury and Blindfold even have their appeal, and I'd've seen this being all the better as an announcement of billed like how the Hellions got their little summer adventure. Hope what they're trying to do with Pixie works out though, as newer characters go, Marvel's shown some commitment to expanding without just doing 'child of...', 'clone of...' and 'future version of ____ brought to the present' (but it might'a helped to have aged her with an in-story explanation like the magic of Limbo, reaction to Illyana or time spent in Limbo like Illyana had, instead of poof, she's older)