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Fan Expo Canada 2009

Fan Expo Canada '09: Pet Avengers

Chris Eliopoulos and editor Nate Cosby talk about the return of PET AVENGERS

By Tim Stevens

As teased in LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS #4, America's favorite team of animal sidekicks will return in PET AVENGERS #1 next February courtesy of writer Chris Eliopoulos and artist Ig Guara. The creative team behind the original limited series and this newest installment could not be more thrilled to return to their team of furry, scaly, and slimy heroes.

"It's awesome," exclaims Eliopoulos. "When I heard we were getting the chance to tell another adventure with the Pet Avengers I was really excited because I enjoyed the characters so much. The reaction to the book seems to say that others do as well. I was sure most people would have

just dismissed it as a dopey idea, but people gave it a shot and we were so happy they did."

"The book's got a giant teleporting bulldog and a frog that speaks in olde English," notes editor Nate Cosby. "How would that not appeal to everyone? Eliopoulos-or 'Brenda' as I like to call him-Ig Guara, and Chris Sotomayor have imbued this book with so much heart and personality. I honestly believe PET AVENGERS is one of the best comics on the stands, and I say that as the completely unbiased editor of the book."

Fans who share the creators excitement for the book will probably want to hop back on board with the team right away. Thankfully, Marvel has the solution to get them through to February in the form of TAILS OF THE PET AVENGERS, a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited exclusive.

"If you check out the TAILS OF THE PET AVENGERS digital shorts at Marvel.com, you can see what our team has been up to," explains Eliopoulos. "They have gone back to their lives, and in the case of Frog Thor, it has left him wondering where his place really is."

That theme of finding one's way will carry over to PET AVENGERS #1.

"It's about growing up, finding a new home, realizing your place in the world," promises Cosby. "And it all revolves around my favorite character, Frog Thor."

Oddly enough, despite his importance to the plot, Frog Thor will be nowhere to be found when PET AVENGERS begins. His disappearance brings the rest of the team back together to figure out what has happened to him. Unfortunately, it might also tear them apart.

"The fact that Frog Thor goes missing is a facet of the larger story and gets our story rolling," reveals Eliopoulos. "[However] Frog Thor is the de facto leader, so not having him around creates a void and it leaves the others fighting for control."

The team being one member lighter leaves things open to all sorts of new possible creature crossovers to fill that empty space. While the most popular animal cameo of the past year, Bo Obama, will not be on-hand

this go-round, the writer pledges that there will be plenty of other appearances to make sure fans will not miss him, including a brand new character introduce in PET AVENGERS:

"I can't say much about new characters, but there will be new characters that will appeal to boys and girls!"

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      Yeah, as a grown man, I can still say there was a place for that mini. It was fun and definitely the kind of book that would work for kids, with the added nostalgia/trivia base that adults could give it a read. Plus it has a frog with a thunder hammer... what's not to like (thought he would've displayed a touch more super-strength though).An aside from the details of the article... I find that 50% of these Marvel News items tend to need some decent proof reading. Things range from mistakes with apostrophes, like-word errors (e.g. 'there' for 'they're' or 'their', 'your' for 'you're'), etc. Not many errors in this one specifically, but I tend to be ticked when it's such general trend (and that's got little to do with the message board users, I'm specifically worried about a big publishing entertainment co. having this issue). I'm glad it is fairly rare in the comics themselves though....annnnnnnnd back on topic; I could do with less Ms. Lion, personally.