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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: The Black Cat

Marvel's resident therapist examines the on-again, off-again master thief

By Tim Stevens

Dear Mayor J. Jonah Jameson,

I have received your request to estimate the future dangerousness of Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, in light of her arrival in the city. While I can appreciate, in your position as Mayor, the importance of knowing in advance whether or not Ms. Hardy has returned to her life of crime, I cannot provide the services requested. It is ethically irresponsible for me to discuss future dangerousness without having met the subject face-to-face, regardless of how many files you send to me. Additionally, your understanding of the concept of future dangerousness is skewed as the threat one might be to the richest members of the community's valuables is rarely taken into account in such assessment.

What I can do for is to provide a profile based on the information you have been

kind enough to send my way. It may aid you and the police department in ceasing any criminal activities Ms. Hardy may engage in if she has indeed decided to re-embrace that lifestyle. I apologize for not being able to assist you further in this matter.

Felicia Hardy, best known as the costumed adventurer Black Cat, is an adult female who appears to be in excellent physical shape. Her current endeavors are unknown, but she has, in the past, acted as a costumed criminal, a costumed hero, and something in between. She has worked with several super powered figures on both sides of the law, including the Kingpin, the Foreigner, Colleen Wing, Firestar, and several others. At times, she has also been romantically linked to individuals in the field, most prominently the street vigilante Spider-Man.

The subject's records, as provided by the Mayor's office, indicate that Hardy grew up in an environment where violating the rules was tolerated and, perhaps, encouraged. Her father, a thief, disappeared while she was still quite young. Although her mother initially attempted to hide the truth from Hardy, eventually the subject learned that, in reality, he had been arrested for his crimes. Given her age and her love for her father, it is possible that this event altered her morality as, in her mind, her father could do no wrong and thus stealing was not wrong. This, however, is only conjecture as there is no such record of her interpreting events in this way.

What can be confirmed is that before his disappearance, her father drove her to be the best. He consistently encouraged her to strive for what she wished to attain and to not be satisfied with half measures. This too may have contributed to her attitude towards theft as it does inspire a very "if you want it, take it, it's yours" mentality wherein not always getting what one wants, regardless of how necessary or legal that want is, is a sign of failure.

This writer, however, would not say that the subject is without any sense of morality. To be clear, Hardy does not have Antisocial Personality Disorder and is capable of feeling things like guilt, regret, and empathy. Additionally, there are signs that as time has gone on, she has become more "mainstream" in her morality. This may be only due to increased connections with super powered heroes, as opposed to criminals, and not a true change in perception on her part, but without interviewing the subject it is impossible to say.

It is also the opinion of this writer that, despite a stint in a mental institution several years ago, Hardy is of sound mind. The writer sees nothing to indicate defects in reasoning, cognition, or memory. While she may have made some criminal choices and some poor choices, the writer can see no indication of an Axis I or II diagnosis.

To find out further information about Felicia Hardy, the writer encourages the Mayor's office to review the file AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 607, which will be available for viewing on September 30.

Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Doctoral Intern at a college counseling center currently pursuing his Psy D.

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Well its great now that she's back but I want to see her relationship with Spidey get serious i've been waiting for along time now and really want to see MJ completely out


*sighs* I [heart] Black Cat. It's great to hear that she will be making a return to the comics. She's a great character.


Nice work. I never thought to look into the psychological mind of the characers.


A good writeup but again it's of no help in actually previewing the comic... Come on Marvel you guys might as well say buy the comic!!! Feels like Marvel is holding the Spidey cards really close to their chests as always... I'd bet even when they approached Tim to write this up they didn't give away any part of the story!!! :(