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Way's Ghost Rider Races Full-Speed Ahead

The ongoing Ghost Rider series written by Daniel Way continues to prove that it is a certified hit in both sales and fan reaction. Every issue that has hit the stands has sold out at Diamond thus far and the first TPB collecting issues #1-5, Ghost Rider: Vicious Cycle TPB, has sold out at Diamond as well. The reviews have been hellaciously great: Ariel Carmona Jr. of SilverBulletComicBooks.com calls Ghost Rider "a slick comic with impressive painted visuals and a good preternatural story in the same tone and style of the original." Anthony Zicari of SilverBulletComics says "Ghost Rider is back in a big way and a major player again in the Marvel Universe at large...thanks to writer Daniel Way and artists Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira." Aaron Stueve of BrokenFrontier.com says Daniel Way "is clearly a strong talent" and "with the skillful hands of Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira illustrating Way's words there is no way this book can go wrong." Ghost Rider has risen from the dead for a second time (the first being his resurgence in the early 90s) as the character continues to stay red hot (not counting the whole skull-on-fire thing). In February, the major motion picture Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage opened up #1 at the box office, breaking a record for the highest overall gross for a President's Day four-day holiday weekend. Its worldwide gross stands at just under $200 million. Daniel Way continues to write the Ghost Rider that fans have been clamoring for, combining elements of both the supernatural and macabre mixed with super hero action. Artists Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira have turned in art every bit as good as when they put Ghost Rider back on the map in the early 90s. Plus, horror master Richard Corben provided art on issues #6 and #7, adding even more spine-tingling visuals for the hit series. Executive Editor Axel Alonso says, "Daniel Way has breathed hellfire back into Ghost Rider. The ongoing is tearing along, sales are great, and we've got some of the craziest, most dedicated fans in the business. Look for the series to get even hotter as Daniel Way digs deeper into the Ghost Rider's roots and unearths some truly cosmos-shattering revelations. There'll be more than Hell to pay." Be sure to check out the next issue, Ghost Rider #10, as the Spirit of Vengeance must face a resurrected super-villain casualty of Civil War possessed by the devil himself! And be sure to pick up the next issue of Garth Ennis and Young Guns Reloaded artist Clayton Crain's Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #3 as the epic of the Ghost Rider of the American Civil War continues on. And you will not want to miss the upcoming Ghost Rider #12-13 as Johnny Blaze throws Ghost Rider into the fray of the summer blockbuster event World War Hulk! And for even more Spirit of Vengeance action, check out Mythos: Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider Team-Up TPB, and Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation TPB. Please note that all comics and TPBs may still be available at retailer comic shops. GHOST RIDER: TRAIL OF TEARS #3 (of 6) (FEB072124) Written by GARTH ENNIS Pencils and Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN Parental Advisory ...$2.99 On-Sale - 4/4/2007 GHOST RIDER #10 (FEB072125) Written by DANIEL WAY Penciled by JAVIER SALTARES & MARK TEXIERA Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM Rated T+ ...$2.99 FOC - 3/22, On-Sale - 4/11/2007 MYTHOS: GHOST RIDER (NOV062307) Written by PAUL JENKINS Paints and Cover by PAOLO RIVERA Rated A ...$3.99 GHOST RIDER TEAM-UP TPB (DEC062385) Written by STEVEN GRANT, TOM DEFALCO, BILL MANTLO, JIM SHOOTER & MICHAEL FLEISHER Penciled by PAT BRODERICK, RON WILSON, FRANK ROBBINS, BOB HALL & DON PERLIN Cover by BOB BUDIANSKY Rated T+ ...$15.99 GHOST RIDER: ROAD TO DAMNATION TPB (NOV062363) Written by GARTH ENNIS Penciled by CLAYON CRAIN Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN Parental Advisory ...$14.99
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