Son of Hulk: Here There Be Giants

Writer Paul Jenkins heralds the impending showdown between Galactus and the Son of Hulk



SON OF HULK #15 preview art by Andres Guinaldo Isabel
By Jim Beard

The Son of Hulk's got a lot on his mind-and his hands. Orphaned, at war, and burning for revenge he assumes it can't get much worse-but it can.

Galactus approaches.

Hiro-Kala turns from the turmoil of his life to face the legendary Devourer of Worlds in September 30's SON OF HULK #15. Series writer Paul Jenkins has a few things to say about the upcoming brouhaha.

"The thing about going on a mission of revenge is that it's something you can never truly win," Jenkins notes. "I mean, you've lost something important, that's why you want revenge. And usually you can never have the important thing back. In Hiro-Kala's case, he has lost Sakaar and he has lost his mother. It's not like he's going to get them back, no matter what happens with Galactus. So the question is, does Hiro-Kala see that and accept it? Or will he just go after Galactus and hang the consequences?"

"Paul's done a fantastic job in propelling the character of Hiro-Kala into an intense quest for revenge against one of the Marvel Universe's biggest heavies, and keeping the rich legacy of the world that [previous writer]

SON OF HULK #15 preview art by Andres Guinaldo Isabel
Greg Pak created despite Sakaar's destruction," lauds SON OF HULK editor Mark Paniccia.

After being launched into space by men he trusted, the Incredible Hulk called the savage world of Sakaar home for a time. To the Hulk's credit he made lemonade out of lemons and wrested the rule of the planet for himself, claimed a queen and settled into his new life. Then, following disaster and death, Hulk sped back to Earth for revenge, little dreaming he'd left a son behind, a child who burned with anger that possibly outstripped his father's. From there, Hiro-Kala watched Sakaar crumble and then brought war to another planet.

"I think he definitely strides between hero and villain," comments Jenkins of the Son of Hulk. "Someone who arrives at your door, proclaims himself a god and then smashes your planet is not exactly your best friend. But the real question here is why? Has he gone off the deep end or is he working towards something? His father, the Hulk, gets stronger as he gets angrier. So what is it that makes his son stronger?"

When contemplating battle with a being such as Galactus, one must wield a certain degree of power. Fortunately, Hiro-Kala possesses the Old Power, and whether or not that's enough to topple a titan remains another question to be answered in the series.

SON OF HULK #15 preview art by Andres Guinaldo Isabel
"We're going to make some major revelations about what the Old Power actually is, and I think its going to surprise SON OF HULK fans to no end," reports Jenkins. "Can't give it away here but let's just say that we'll learn just how different it is from the Power Cosmic."

Galactus, of course, consumed the down-trodden planet of Hiro-Kala's birth, an event for which Jenkins cannot claim responsibility.

"It was Greg Pak's idea to have him eat Sakaar, not mine," the writer insists. "If it were me I would have had Sakaar kick Galactus' rear end into next Tuesday. Now he's romping around the galaxy eating planets filled with the Old Power."

Prophecies also loom over the Son of Hulk like the Sword of Damocles. Regardless of his belief or non-belief in them, these portents may or may not include Galactus as a major component, and only time will tell if destiny can be diverted.

"Can anyone change the prophecies?" asks Jenkins. "That depends if you believe in prophecies and how you choose to interpret them. Does Hiro-Kala believe in prophecies? I would have to think he uses them to his advantage based on what we've seen so far."

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      [quote@GundamAce i thought skaar was his only kid, when he did this dude pop up?[/quote] He's Skaar's twin brother. They just kept it a secret until issue 13.


      i thought skaar was his only kid, when he did this dude pop up?


      [quote@GundamAce in what way is he son of hulk?[/quote] In the way the Hulk is his dad. xx


      in what way is he son of hulk?


      I love the way Paul Jenkins is writeing this character and title, making it his own. The story and the art just suck you right in and when I am done I just count down the days till the next issue. This is easily one of my favorite titles right now, keep up the great work Paul!!!!!