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PREVIEW: Nomad: Girl Without a World #1

Rikki Barnes searches to find a place for herself in the Marvel Universe

COVER BY: Rafael Alberquerque
WRITER: Sean McKeever
PENCILS: David Baldeon
COLORED BY: Chris Sotomayor
LETTERED BY: VC - Chris Eliopoulos & VC - Joe Sabino

In her world, RIKKI BARNES was the modern-day BUCKY, teen sidekick to CAPTAIN AMERICA. In this world, the Cap she knew is dead, she never existed, and very little else is as she remembers. With no home, no income and no legal identity, what's a girl to do? How about tracking down the new Cap, reconnecting with her brother, and running afoul of the SECRET EMPIRE? Sounds like a plan to us!

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      i am still undecided about this book. on one hand if they end up having buckycap be more then just a once in awhile character i may pick it up. i am tired of reading new avengers and the have cap as a background character(think superman in quest for peace). it would be nice to have more of him in another book. also if this book has the $3.99 tag on it i may pass. i hate to say it but DC has some good books out that are only $2.99. But if the writing is grrrrreat (thanks tony) and art is not so bad it may make it to the pull list. see you in 30.... :juggernaut: