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X-Babies: Shooting Stars

Writer Gregg Schigiel pits the adorable X-Babies against a few rising Stars looking to make a name for themselves

X-BABIES #1 cover by Skottie Young
By Jim Beard

Think its easy being an X-Baby? Think again. Someone's always after your job-and they may just fight you for it.

Oh, sure, the ever-popular mini-mutants have a lot going for them: tiny toddler versions of the X-Men, cute and clever, their own TV series in other-dimensional Mojoworld, even a brand new X-BABIES #1, out October 7; but when you're this big, you've got to watch your back.

X-Babies, your friends at Marvel.com got your back. We ran a few scenarios of grudge matches between you and your rivals, the scintillating Star characters and even asked your writer, Gregg Schigiel-who teams on the series with artist Jacob Chabot-to chime in with his own opinions on the winners and losers; here's what we came up with:

Cyclops vs Planet Terry
Yes, the Boy with the Beams packs a lot of punch in his peepers but a kid who hops planets for fun can't be discounted in a fight! It's a toughie but we put Terry out ahead in this battle of the babies.

Schigiel says: "This is a good match up. Both are orphaned boys whose parents are out somewhere in space. And both spend a decent amount of time bemoaning their state in life. But when it comes to physical contests, Cyclops has more training in hand-to-hand. On the other hand, Terry's used his wits more than a few times to get out of some sticky situations and I'm thinking he'd figure out a way to negate Cyclops' optic blasts and win the day without throwing a punch."

The Winner: Planet Terry

Wolverine vs Top Dog
It's two animalistic antagonists in a fight to the finish! But though Top Dog's smarts often put him out ahead in a mystery, Little Logan has the energetic edge here.

Wolverine vs Top Dog by Jacob Chabot
Schigiel says: "On the surface you'd think it's no contest, what with Wolverine being the best at what he does. But Top Dog-as the only super-smart talking dog and the only creature on the planet able to use the government supercomputer 'The Brainstrain'-is not only the best at what he does, but the only at what he does. Of course, the problem in that the Brainstrain is in the back of a sham ice cream shop and Wolverine's a walking weapon of destruction, even in X-Baby form, so anything outside of a 5 foot radius of that ice cream shop, Wolverine takes it."

The Winner: Wolverine

Storm vs Wally Wizard
The Little Lady of the X-Babies takes on the Mighty Mite of Magic! We figure this for one heckuva throwdown, a blustery brouhaha of epic proportions, but in the end we think the weather's going to be a bit Storm-y for ol' Wally.

Schigiel says: "So here's how this one would play out: Storm would come on strong at the start with wind, rain, lightning, maybe a tornado. Wally would use some defensive magic tricks, simple stuff like 'Hey look, I'm waterproof!' or 'I've turned my hair into an umbrella!' Then he'd think Marlin, the wizard for whom he apprentices, would want to meet and examine Storm for her curious mix of science and magic, so he'd use a containment spell, but as he's merely an apprentice wizard, he'd make the container too small, and Storm would pass out from being in the enclosed space. Wally wins by accident."

The Winner: Too close to call

X-BABIES promo art by Jacob Chabot
Nightcrawler vs Royal Roy
Mutant ability versus mounds and mounds of moolah! Nightcrawler's got a lot of cute little tricks of his sleeve and though Roy's royally rich, we know from experience that money can't buy a win any more than it can buy love.

Schigiel says: "There's a pretty good chance Roy might soil himself merely at the sight of Nightcrawler. Danger is anathema to Roy; Nightcrawler relishes it. Roy is an uber-nice 'prince of a boy.' Nightcrawler is a debonair swashbuckling thriller. Roy is all pomp and circumstance. Nightcrawler is all bamf and shadow-blending. Also, Royal Roy is a dweeb and Nightcrawler is awesome. Nightcrawler by a landslide."

The Winner: Nightcrawler

And as extra-treat, because you've been so good and brushed your teeth before bedtime, a bonus match-up...

Rogue vs Spider-Ham
Though he doesn't appear in the new X-BABIES limited series, Peter Porker simply cannot be denied when he wants to rumble! Going up against a cutie with the power to steal his powers, Spider-Ham will have his hands full-so full that we can't decide on a winner! It's too close of a match from where we sit!

X-BABIES #1 preview art by Jacob Chabot
Schigiel says: "As a southern girl, Rogue's got a place in her heart for pigs...on a spit, slow-smoked over hickory or apple wood. Spider-Ham would put up a good fight, sure, but after he untangled himself from all his pun-heavy banter he'd learn that you don't stand between Rogue and a rack of ribs. Rogue wins, hands down, with a side of corn bread.

"This all presupposes, of course, that Colossus and Kitty are sitting this one out, which is entirely possible, as they've been known to get separated from the group, like they do in X-BABIES #1, page 6, on sale October 7th at comic shops everywhere!"

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[quote@threephasewolf and so it starts with the Disney crap, X-babies. so when will this pour into other marvel titles ?[/quote] This book was solicited before the Disney announcement. Take a pill dude. And the X-Babies have been around 20 years anyway


and so it starts with the Disney crap, X-babies. so when will this pour into other marvel titles ?