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FIRST LOOK: Cable #19

Cable and Hope's outer space adventure hits a snag in the form of the Brood

CABLE #19 cover by Dave Wilkins
COVER BY: Dave Wilkins
WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
PENCILS: Gabriel Guzman
INKS: Rodolfo Mariano Taibo
COLORED BY: Thomas Mason
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna

"QUEEN CAPTURES BISHOP" As it turns out, space isn't the place for Cable and Hope. Against all odds, Bishop has found them again, and taken their spacecraft hostage. All Bishop needs is to see the girl. Once he has visual confirmation, it's simply a matter of triggering the nuclear bomb hidden in his arm, and his lifelong mission to save the X-Men (and Earth) is over. And there are only so many places to hide in a small transport vessel on the far reaches of our solar system. But there is someone else aboard the vessel, and she doesn't care about Cable or Bishop's war. She's been drawn to the life force of one of the vessel's inhabitant, and she and her army will stop at nothing until they have her...Enter: The Brood Queen! Rated T ...$2.99

IN STORES: October 7, 2009

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      those aren't claws, they are kinda knifes on the x-men symbol on her belt, and she didn't turn blue, its just the shade


      Did she just turn purple and are those claws coming out of her hand?