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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Daken

Marvel.com's resident shrink attempts to decipher the son of Wolverine

By Tim Stevens

Akihiro is a male who appears to be a young adult, despite medical records placing him in his 60's. For both his recorded and presented age, he seems to be in above average physical fitness. The client reports extensive tattooing, but his body art is largely covered as he arrives dressed appropriately for sessions.

The client is a self identified mutant who has previously operated under the alias Daken and currently serves in both the H.A.M.M.E.R.-sponsored Avenger and X-Men teams as Wolverine. The client reports that the "other" Wolverine, James Howlett, is his father, although the two met only very recently. As such, the client's gifts resemble those of his father's, including heightened senses, a healing factor, and the presence of bone claws that have since been coated with metal. He also possesses the ability to excrete pheromones that can manipulate the emotions of those

he is in close proximity to. As such, sessions are conducted while separated by a glass partition as both a protection to this writer from blatant manipulation and to prevent any subconscious attempts by the client to sway the writer.

In session, Akihiro can be erudite, flirtatious, and seemingly very open. However, he can also be quick to anger, lacking in empathy, and prone to deception. As such, as one might expect, the client is a very difficult one to properly diagnose. His presentation and his reported lack of compunction regarding killing would suggest Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD). Traditionally, this disorder is highly resistant to most therapeutic interventions and, amongst those that have demonstrated success, talk therapy is fairly low on the list. Therefore, typically, this writer would recommend to the client to seek out a group home or residential facility that specializes in "rehabilitating" those with APD.

However, it is highly unusual for someone with APD to seek out therapy without being forced into it. The fact that this is not the case for Akihiro may be indicative of either a long-suppressed morality forcing itself to the surface or that he has begun to develop a conscience, despite his best efforts. Further complicating matters is the fact that, at some point in his life, the client was subjected to a process that greatly damaged his personality. Given this is not an unheard of situation in working with super powered  individuals and others who have undergone such processes have, on occasion, managed to overcome it and assert their original

personalities and moral codes, it does indicate that the client may receive some benefit from the therapeutic process. As such, this writer is not willing to refer out the client at this juncture.

At this time, the treatment plan is to educate the client on possible diagnoses he may be facing and what the best procedures are for them. He will be encouraged, in the short term, to maintain the therapeutic relationship and the writer will make clear that the situation will be in a continual state of review as no one wants to engage in an approach that will ultimately prove unhelpful for the client. We will also continue with dialectic activities that are designed to place the client in the mindset of others so he can begin to see and appreciate that the people around him have their own unique perspectives, emotions, hopes, and so on. It is hypothesized that, through this process, Akihiro may begin to better see people as people, not just objects to be moved as it benefits him.

Akihiro has two appointments on October 21. The first is with Doctors Marjorie Liu, Daniel Way, and Stephen Segovia and can be found in the file marked DARK WOLVERINE #79. The second will be handled by Doctors Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Ariel Olivetti and Michael Ryan. Details on their session can be found in file INCREDIBLE HULK #603.

Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Doctoral Intern at a college counseling center currently pursuing his Psy D. who has had experience working with individuals with personality disorders.

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Same here! I know Disney won't mess him up, and he makes for an awesome character!


They are not gonna disney him at all but im already a fan follower of daken hes just a thinking man's wolverine with a cocky attitude & i like that about him .


disney better not ruin daken more