New FF in Fantastic Four Leads to Sell Out



Marvel is pleased to announce that Fantastic Four #544, the first issue to feature the new team lineup, has sold out at Diamond. In the aftermath of Civil War, Marvel's first family must re-evaluate their place in life, leaving the team without Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, filling the roles with Black Panther & Storm. To fulfill the demand for the launch of this exciting new direction for Fantastic Four, Marvel is going back to press on Fantastic Four #544 with an all-new cover by Paul Pelletier! In Fantastic Four, writer Dwayne McDuffie's highly anticipated first story arc featuring the new FF, complete with the artistic stylings of Paul Pelletier, has brought a new set of challenges to the redefined Four, whose first mission is out of this world—literally! Fans and critics alike have lauded praise upon the issue, with's Hannibal Tabu saying, "his is solid work in the tradition of the FF with big ideas wrestling with high adventure." The feeling is echoed by's Josh Siegel who said, "This issue was fun, and it was over-the-top in that fantastic way that is sometimes missing from a story featuring that word in its title." Note, Fantastic Four #544 may still be available at the retailer level. Marvel advises that retailers check their orders for upcoming issues as the titles continues to garner new readers following the FF's high profile role in the best-selling Civil War event. FANTASTIC FOUR #544 SECOND PRINTING VARIANT (FEB078216) Written by DWAYNE MCDUFFIE Pencils and Cover by PAUL PELLETIER Rated A …$2.99 FOC - 4/18, On-Sale - 5/2/2007 FANTASTIC FOUR #545 (FEB072122) Written by DWAYNE MCDUFFIE Penciled by PAUL PELLETIER Cover by MICHAEL TURNER Rated A …$2.99 FOC – 4/5, On-Sale – 4/25/2007

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