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Omega Flight #2: The Ravages of the North

By Eric Drumm
Oh, Canada! The Great White North is a land of tranquility and beauty, serene with wintery goodness, hockey and maple syrup. However, in the Marvel Universe, Canada is being invaded in the pages of OMEGA FLIGHT! With the Superhuman Registration Act in full effect after the events of CIVIL WAR in the U.S., many heroes and villains are looking to take the expatriate route and run to wherever they can. Finding refuge and wreaking havoc along the way, some villains are making their way to Canada. To combat this influx of villainy, a whole new team has been assembled in the form of Omega Flight. "The SHRA certainly has an impact on Canada," says OMEGA FLIGHT editor Andy Schmidt. "Heroes and villains alike are coming across the border now that the superheroes are more organized than ever before. That's a whole lot of supervillain crime crossing the border, and Canada--since the destruction of Alpha Flight--is not equipped to deal with new crime surge." Canada's premiere superhero team, Alpha Flight, suffered heavy casualties in the pages of NEW AVENGERS, leading to the disbandment of the group. Surviving members Sasquatch and Shaman went their separate ways, bitterly going back to civilian life. With a wave of super crime reaching tsunami proportions, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Canadian Secret Service decided to get the band back together, but with a few replacements. Tapping Sasquatch to act as team leader in OMEGA FLIGHT #1, he seeks out Shaman to join the group. She declines, citing that the flood of villains into Canada is an American problem, and their mess to clean up. Not soon after we learn that some of Canada's new residents are none other than an amped up Wrecking Crew! Thinking that Canadian folk will be easy pickings, they get a rude awakening from a solo Sasquatch. Taking on the whole crew alone, Sasquatch quickly and painfully learned that he alone can't repel the invaders. With Canada in trouble, can Omega Flight come together in time to drive out the villain displacement caused by CIVIL WAR? Who else might be taking a Canadian vacation? According to Schmidt, this is just the beginning. "It's not just the Wrecking Crew!" he mysteriously teases. Find out what happens to the toughest Canucks since Wolverine in OMEGA FLIGHT #2 by Micheal Avon Oeming and Scott Kolins on sale May 1.

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